A Sacrifice (Berlin Nobody) Filming Locations

A Sacrifice (Berlin Nobody) Filming Locations

“A Sacrifice,” originally titled “Berlin Nobody,” is a 2024 psychological drama that has been eagerly awaited by movie enthusiasts. Written and directed by Jordan Scott, the film features a stellar cast including Eric Bana, Sadie Sink, and Sylvia Hoeks. This movie is an adaptation of Nicholas Hogg’s novel Tokyo and tells the gripping story of a psychiatrist trying to rescue his daughter from a cult. Scheduled for release on June 28, 2024, in the United States by Vertical, the film is a thrilling blend of drama and suspense.

Where was “A Sacrifice” Filmed?

The movie was filmed in Berlin, Germany, between September and December 2022, under the title “Berlin Nobody.” As a joint production between the United States and Germany, it brings together the talents of Ridley Scott and Michael Pruss from Scott Free Productions, along with Jonas Katzenstein, Maximilian Leo, and Georgina Pope from Augenschein FilmProduktion. The locations selected for this film are as intriguing as the plot itself, contributing to the dark and atmospheric tone of the movie.

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A Sacrifice (2024)

Berlin, Germany

Central Berlin: Various parts of central Berlin were utilized to capture the essence of the film’s dramatic and psychological themes.
Urban Areas: The city’s bustling and sometimes eerie urban locations helped depict the tension and mystery central to the film’s plot.
Cultural Spots: Berlin’s rich cultural heritage added depth to the film’s settings, enhancing the narrative’s emotional impact.

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A Sacrifice (2024)

Production Details

The film’s production wrapped up by December 2022. With Ridley Scott and Michael Pruss producing for Scott Free Productions, in collaboration with Jonas Katzenstein, Maximilian Leo, and Georgina Pope from Augenschein FilmProduktion, the team leveraged Berlin’s unique environments to reflect the film’s intense story.

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A Sacrifice (2024)

Transition from Berlin Nobody to A Sacrifice

In February 2024, Vertical acquired the North American distribution rights for the film. Subsequently, in May 2024, the title was changed from “Berlin Nobody” to “A Sacrifice,” aligning more closely with the film’s thematic focus and preparing it for its June 28, 2024 release.

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A Sacrifice (2024)

Additional Cast

In May 2024, Stephan Kampwirth and Lara Feith joined the cast, further enriching the film’s compelling storyline and character dynamics.

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A Sacrifice (2024)

“A Sacrifice” utilizes Berlin’s eclectic mix of modernity and history to set the stage for its psychological drama. As audiences anticipate its release, the film’s evocative use of Berlin’s locales will undoubtedly contribute to its gripping and immersive storytelling. Mark your calendars for June 28, 2024, to experience this intense cinematic journey.

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A Sacrifice (2024)

Official Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – A Sacrifice (Berlin Nobody)

Q: Where was “A Sacrifice” filmed?
A: “A Sacrifice” was primarily filmed in Berlin, Germany. This city provided the diverse urban and cultural settings that are integral to the film’s storyline.

Q: When was “A Sacrifice” filmed?
A: Filming for “A Sacrifice” began in September 2022 and concluded by December 2022. This production period allowed the crew to capture Berlin’s atmospheric landscapes during various seasons.

Q: What is the release date for “A Sacrifice”?
A: “A Sacrifice” is scheduled for release in the United States on June 28, 2024.

Q: Will there be international screenings of “A Sacrifice”?
A: While specific international release dates may vary, the film is expected to reach audiences beyond the United States following its initial release in June 2024.

Q: Are there plans for digital or streaming releases of “A Sacrifice”?
A: Details regarding digital or streaming releases of “A Sacrifice” have not been confirmed yet. Fans can stay tuned for updates closer to the release date regarding where they can watch the film beyond theaters.