A Whitewater Romance Filming Locations

A Whitewater Romance Filming Locations

Hallmark Channel’s 2024 romance film, ‘A Whitewater Romance,’ directed by Jason Bourque, the movie follows Maya Alvaro on a thrilling adventure in the Colorado Rockies. Played by Cindy Busby, Maya is a city girl who faces the challenges of a business retreat while developing a special connection with Matt, a competitive colleague portrayed by Benjamin Hollingsworth.

Where was “A Whitewater Romance” Filmed?

To capture the film’s stunning natural scenery, the production team chose picturesque locations in Squamish, British Columbia. The filming took place in October 2023, showcasing the dramatic landscapes of this region.

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Cindy Busby and Benjamin Hollingsworth in A Whitewater Romance (2024)

Squamish, British Columbia

Squamish is a charming town located between Vancouver and Whistler in southern British Columbia, Canada. Known for its rugged beauty and outdoor adventures, it became the perfect stand-in for the movie’s Colorado Rockies setting. Squamish is famous for its whitewater rafting opportunities, making it an ideal location for filming the movie’s thrilling river scenes.

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Cindy Busby and Benjamin Hollingsworth in A Whitewater Romance (2024)

Squamish offers a mix of exciting rapids and calm stretches along its rivers, providing filmmakers with diverse and scenic backdrops. Carved by ancient glaciers, the rivers here are crystal clear and surrounded by majestic mountains, including the iconic Stawamus Chief This dramatic granite peak adds to the town’s stunning landscape, making it a popular spot for filming outdoor adventures.

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William deVry and Cindy Busby in A Whitewater Romance (2024)

Filming Highlights

In a live Q&A session, Cindy Busby, who plays Maya, expressed her admiration for the location, saying, “Such beautiful country, such beautiful weather, and the water is crystal clear.” The rivers and natural beauty of Squamish truly shine in the film, offering a breathtaking experience for viewers. The production team took advantage of the town’s diverse geography, from lush wilderness areas to challenging rapids that test even experienced rafters.

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Cindy Busby in A Whitewater Romance (2024)

Director Jason Bourque shared his excitement on Instagram about the adventurous filming experience, including glacier rivers, Class 4 rapids, and forest zip-lining. The cast and crew braved these challenges, resulting in a visually captivating film that captures the essence of outdoor excitement.

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Cindy Busby in A Whitewater Romance (2024)

About Squamish

Apart from its rivers, Squamish is known for its vibrant community, local shops, cafes, and cultural events. Its proximity to Vancouver, a hub for Hallmark productions, makes it a convenient and attractive filming destination. The town’s scenic beauty and welcoming atmosphere left a positive impression on the cast and crew, despite the demanding shooting schedule.

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Cindy Busby in A Whitewater Romance (2024)

Cast Information

Cindy Busby, a regular in Hallmark movies, brings energy to her role as Maya Alvaro. She has starred in other popular films such as ‘Everything Christmas’ and ‘Love in Zion National: A National Park Romance.’ Benjamin Hollingsworth, who plays Matt, has a background in classical acting and is known for his roles in ‘Virgin River’ and ‘Cold Pursuit.’

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Other cast members include Kate Twa as Allegra Adams, William deVry as Jim Burdett, Edwin Perez as Luis, Alisha-Marie Ahamed as Claire, Sophia Carriere as Carmen Alvaro, Heather Doerksen as Marilyn, and Sandra Dominguez-Shapiro as Sasha.

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‘A Whitewater Romance’ is a delightful blend of love and adventure set against the stunning backdrop of Squamish, British Columbia. The town’s rivers, mountains, and scenic beauty play a crucial role in the film, adding to its charm and appeal. As you watch Maya’s journey unfold, you’ll be captivated by the natural wonders that make this Hallmark film a visual treat.

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Official Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – A Whitewater Romance

Q: Where was ‘A Whitewater Romance’ filmed?
A: ‘A Whitewater Romance’ was filmed in Squamish, British Columbia. This scenic town, situated between Vancouver and Whistler, offers stunning mountainous landscapes and exhilarating whitewater rafting spots, making it the ideal location to represent the Colorado Rockies in the film.

Q: Why was Squamish, British Columbia chosen as the filming location?
A: Squamish was selected because its rugged natural beauty closely resembles the Colorado Rockies, where the film’s story takes place. The town’s clear rivers, dramatic mountains like the Stawamus Chief, and lush forests provided diverse and picturesque settings for the movie’s outdoor scenes.

Q: When was ‘A Whitewater Romance’ filmed?
A: The filming of ‘A Whitewater Romance’ began in early October 2023 and concluded by October 20, 2023. The production team completed filming quickly, enduring various weather conditions to capture the adventurous essence of the movie.

Q: Who are the main stars of ‘A Whitewater Romance’?
A: The main stars of ‘A Whitewater Romance’ are Cindy Busby, who plays Maya Alvaro, and Benjamin Hollingsworth, who portrays Matt. Cindy Busby is a familiar face in Hallmark movies, known for roles in films like ‘Everything Christmas,’ while Benjamin Hollingsworth has appeared in series such as ‘Virgin River’ and ‘Cold Pursuit.’ Their performances bring the film’s romantic and adventurous storyline to life against the backdrop of Squamish’s natural beauty.

Q: When is the release date for ‘A Whitewater Romance’?
A: ‘A Whitewater Romance’ was released on the Hallmark Channel on May 11, 2024.