Civil War Filming Locations

Civil War Filming Locations

The movie “Civil War,” directed by Alex Garland, gives a real look at war photographers and their moral struggles. The film was mostly shot in Atlanta, Georgia, which added to its road-trip vibe. However, for post-production, the team moved to London, England.

Alex Garland, known for his science fiction work in movies like “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation,” directed and wrote “Civil War.” This movie, unlike his other works, focuses on the real-life challenges of war photographers. The main character, Lee Smith, played by Kirsten Dunst, is a famous photojournalist. The story also involves journalists Joel (Wagner Moura) and Sammy (Stephen McKinley Henderson) and a newcomer, Jessie (Cailee Spaeny).

The film doesn’t clearly explain the cause of the Civil War. It shows the federal government, led by a third-term president (Nick Offerman), fighting against secessionist movements. The Western Forces (WF) alliance plans to invade Washington, D.C., and kill the president. As Lee and her team head towards this danger, the movie turns into an intense road-trip with many filming locations.

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Civil War (2024)

Where was “Civil War” Filmed?

The filming began in Atlanta on March 15, 2022. Over the years, Atlanta has become a popular filming location because of its lower costs. It was used to represent several Mid-Atlantic states in the film.

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Civil War (2024)

Notable Locations in Atlanta, Georgia

Although the movie begins in a war-torn New York City, filming started in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta has become a popular place for filming because it is cheaper. Georgia’s landscape, full of pine trees and lacking mountains, stands in for several Mid-Atlantic states. Some notable Atlanta locations in the film include:

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Civil War (2024)

Alonzo Herndon Stadium and Emory University’s Briarcliff Campus: These places are featured prominently in the movie.
Big Bethel A.M.E Church: This church is the backdrop for the movie’s opening scene.
Cedar Grove Road in Fairburn, Georgia: The gas station scene was filmed here, although it was meant to be in New Jersey.
Alonzo Herndon Stadium: This stadium became a refugee camp in the film.
Emory University’s Briarcliff Campus: This campus was the site of one of the movie’s biggest gunfight scenes.

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Civil War (2024)
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Civil War (2024)

Atlanta’s variety of locations helps the movie maintain its road-trip feel.

Moving to London, England

By May 2022, filming moved to London. With a $50 million budget, “Civil War” is A24’s most expensive film. The move to the UK made sense because most post-production work was handled by Framestore, with VFX supervisor David Simpson.

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Civil War (2024)

Filming the Climax in Washington D.C.

The movie’s climax, a massive invasion of Washington D.C., required a lot of planning. The director and his team used a 20-foot 3-D model to plan the siege on the White House. Actual footage of Washington D.C. was used to make the scenes look real, but explosions were added later using VFX.

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Civil War (2024)
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Civil War (2024)

Creating Pennsylvania Avenue

To film the siege, a replica of Pennsylvania Avenue was built in Stone Mountain Park, Georgia. This helped bring the intense final sequence to life, with collaboration from the cinematographer, production designer, military supervisors, and stunt coordinators.

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Civil War (2024)

“Civil War” used various locations in Atlanta and London to create its powerful scenes. From churches and stadiums in Atlanta to detailed planning for the Washington D.C. climax, the film showcases a blend of real and recreated locations, making it a visually stunning movie.

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Civil War (2024)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Civil War

Q: Where was “Civil War” filmed?
A: “Civil War” was primarily filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, and later in London, England. Specific locations included iconic spots like Big Bethel A.M.E Church in Atlanta and a recreated Pennsylvania Avenue in Stone Mountain Park.

Q: When was “Civil War” filmed?
A: Principal photography began in Atlanta on March 15, 2022, under the code name “Road Trip.” Filming continued in London by May 2022, with extensive planning and post-production work spanning several months.

Q: What is the release date of the movie?
A: “Civil War” was released on April 12, 2024.

Q: How long did the filming process take?
A: Filming spanned several months, starting in March 2022 in Atlanta and concluding in London by mid-2022. Post-production, including visual effects and editing, continued for several additional months.

Q: Were any real locations used in “Civil War”?
A: Yes, “Civil War” used both real and recreated locations to bring its scenes to life. For example, scenes set in Washington D.C. were filmed using actual footage of the city, while other scenes, such as the gas station scene, were shot on specific roads and venues in Georgia and London.