Crossing Filming Locations

Crossing Filming Locations

“Crossing” is a new drama film releasing in 2024, directed and written by Levan Akin. The movie tells the story of Lia, a retired teacher who sets out to find her lost niece, Tekla. Her search leads her to Istanbul, where she meets Evrim, a lawyer fighting for trans rights. As Lia and Evrim get closer, so does Tekla.

Where was “Crossing” Filmed?

Filming for “Crossing” started in January 2023. The film was shot in different places in Istanbul, Turkey, and Batumi, Georgia. These locations provide a rich backdrop for the movie’s storyline.

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Crossing (2024)

Batumi, Georgia

Batumi, the second-largest city in Georgia, is a main filming location for “Crossing.” Batumi is a Black Sea resort and the capital of the Georgian republic of Adjara. As of 2016, its population was about 155,000. Batumi is famous for its ancient port, beautiful architecture, and European-style squares with stunning sculptures. These elements make Batumi a perfect setting for the film.

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Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is known for its mix of old and new architecture. You can see modern skyscrapers standing next to historic buildings. The city’s vibrant streets and scenic coastlines add charm to the movie. Batumi’s unique atmosphere helps bring the film’s story to life.

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Crossing (2024)

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey, is another important location for “Crossing.” Turkey, located in the Middle East, is known for its hot air balloon rides and olive oil production. Most of the film’s scenes were shot in Istanbul, showcasing the city’s beauty and culture.

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Istanbul, Turkey

The film features aerial shots of Istanbul, capturing its iconic skyline and historical landmarks. Istanbul is a city that bridges Europe and Asia, making it a perfect backdrop for the movie’s themes of connection and discovery. With a population of about 84.98 million as of 2022, Istanbul is a bustling and diverse city that adds depth to the film.

Behind the Scenes of “Crossing”

To make your exploration of “Crossing” even more enjoyable, we found some behind-the-scenes photos from the filming. These pictures give a glimpse into the making of the movie and show the hard work and creativity that went into bringing the story to the screen.

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Crossing (2024)

“Crossing” takes viewers on a journey through the beautiful cities of Batumi, Georgia, and Istanbul, Turkey. These locations, with their rich history and stunning landscapes, play a vital role in the film. The combination of modern and traditional elements in both cities adds depth and authenticity to the movie’s narrative.

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Crossing (2024)

As Lia searches for her niece in these breathtaking locations, the audience is treated to a visual feast that complements the film’s emotional story. Get ready to be captivated by the scenery and the powerful tale of “Crossing.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Crossing

Q: Where was “Crossing” filmed?
A: “Crossing” was filmed in two stunning locations: Istanbul in Turkey and Batumi in Georgia. Istanbul, known for its rich history and cultural blend, provided an exciting and vibrant backdrop, while Batumi, a beautiful Black Sea resort, added a picturesque and unique setting to the film.

Q: When did the filming of “Crossing” take place?
A: Filming for “Crossing” started in January 2023. The movie was shot over several months in different places in Istanbul and Batumi, capturing the essence of these locations during various seasons.

Q: Why were Istanbul and Batumi chosen as filming locations?
A: Istanbul and Batumi were chosen for their unique characteristics and beautiful scenery. Istanbul’s blend of European and Asian cultures and its rich historical landmarks perfectly fit the film’s themes of connection and exploration. Batumi, with its stunning architecture and scenic coastlines, added a touch of natural beauty and cultural depth to the story.

Q: What was the filming experience like in Istanbul and Batumi?
A: The filming experience in Istanbul and Batumi was both exciting and challenging. The diverse landscapes and architectural marvels in Istanbul offered dynamic and visually captivating scenes. In Batumi, the film crew enjoyed the coastal beauty and the city’s vibrant atmosphere, which provided a perfect contrast to Istanbul’s urban setting.

Q: When is the release date for “Crossing”?
A: “Crossing” was released on July 19, 2024.