Danger in the Dorm Filming Locations and Cast Information

Danger in the Dorm Filming Locations and Cast Information

Lifetime’s gripping crime thriller “Danger in the Dorm” is inspired by Ann Rule’s true crime story and weaves a tense storyline under Robin Hays’ direction. The plot revolves around Kathleen, who, following the sad murder of a childhood friend on campus, becomes desperate to find the culprit. Kathleen’s obsessive pursuit of justice turns the school into a tense crime scene, leaving her mother Joanne concerned about her safety.

Filming Locations of “Danger in the Dorm”

Filming for “Danger in the Dorm” took place in British Columbia’s picturesque locations, especially Abbotsford and Vancouver. Let’s look at the real-life locales that served as the backdrop for this gripping drama.

Abbotsford, British Columbia

The first stop for the production team was Abbotsford, a charming city located right near the Canada–United States border. Known for its picturesque landscapes, Abbotsford offered an authentic setting for many pivotal scenes in the movie.

Key Locations in Abbotsford:

Mennonite Heritage Museum: This museum’s unique architecture added historical depth to the scenes.

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Mennonite Heritage Museum

Mill Lake Park: The serene surroundings of this park featured prominently in some of the film’s outdoor shots.

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Mill Lake Park

The Reach Gallery Museum: With its modern design, this gallery provided a contrasting backdrop for various interior scenes.

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The Reach Gallery Museum

Trethewey House Heritage Site: This historic site, with its well-preserved structures, was used to depict crucial moments in the storyline.

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Trethewey House Heritage Site

Vancouver, British Columbia

After wrapping up in Abbotsford, the production team moved west to Vancouver, a city famous for its diverse landscapes and vibrant urban setting. Vancouver, often referred to as Hollywood North, has been a popular choice for filmmakers over the years.

Highlights of Filming in Vancouver:

The versatility of Vancouver’s locations enabled the filmmakers to properly depict the story’s suspense and drama. The city’s blend of modern architecture and natural beauty provided a great setting for the emotional sequences in “Danger in the Dorm.”

Vancouver has historically hosted a range of film productions, demonstrating its adaptability as a filming location for movies and TV shows such as “Spy Game,” “Snakes on a Plane,” “Deadly Class,” and”Almost Human.” This experience made it an appropriate choice for creating the dramatic mood necessary for “Danger in the Dorm.”

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Behind the Scenes

The filming of “Danger in the Dorm” began in late February 2024 and wrapped up by mid-March 2024. Clara Alexandrova, who stars as Kathleen, shared her excitement about the project on social media. She thanked the cast and crew for a fantastic experience, especially highlighting director Robin Hays’s ability to connect with the actors and bring out their best performances.

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Robin Hays, equally appreciative, praised Bethenny Frankel, who plays Kathleen’s mother Joanne. He mentioned how Bethenny’s dedication and talent brought depth and authenticity to her character, making the film a memorable experience for everyone involved.

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Cast Information

  • Clara Alexandrova: As Kathleen, she brings a heartfelt performance to the screen, previously known for her roles in “A Million Little Things” and “Alert: Missing Persons Unit.”
  • Bethenny Frankel: Portraying Joanne, she adds emotional depth to the story. Bethenny is also a notable writer and producer with credits in “Hollywood Hills 90028” and “Nightcap.”
  • Jason Fernandes: As Wade Mullins, he plays a crucial role in the film.
  • Lily Yawson: Stars as Detective Jessica Harken, adding a layer of intrigue to the investigation.
  • Matthew Nelson-Mahood: Plays Patrick, contributing to the unfolding mystery.
  • Jeffrey Pai: As Connor Miller, he is integral to the film’s dynamic.
  • Richard Keats: Portrays Drew, a radio DJ, enhancing the atmospheric tension.
  • Sarah Kelley: As Carol Swafford, she rounds out the talented ensemble cast.

“Danger in the Dorm” takes viewers on a suspenseful journey through the halls and streets of Abbotsford and Vancouver, turning these beautiful locations into a thrilling backdrop for Kathleen’s quest for justice. With its compelling storyline and authentic settings, the movie promises to be an engaging watch for crime drama enthusiasts. Whether you’re familiar with these cities or not, their cinematic portrayal in the film will surely leave a lasting impression.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Danger in the Dorm

Q: Where Was “Danger in the Dorm” Filmed?
A: “Danger in the Dorm” was filmed primarily in British Columbia, Canada, with key scenes shot in the cities of Abbotsford and Vancouver. Abbotsford’s charming streets and historical landmarks provided an authentic backdrop for the film’s campus scenes, while Vancouver’s diverse urban landscape offered a versatile setting for various other crucial scenes in the movie.

Q: Why Did the Production Choose Abbotsford and Vancouver for Filming?
A: The production team chose Abbotsford and Vancouver due to their scenic beauty, architectural variety, and rich historical elements. Abbotsford’s picturesque parks and heritage sites, such as the Mennonite Heritage Museum and Mill Lake Park, were perfect for depicting a campus atmosphere. Vancouver’s modern and diverse urban settings allowed the filmmakers to capture the film’s dramatic and suspenseful moments effectively.

Q: When Was “Danger in the Dorm” Filmed?
A: The principal photography for “Danger in the Dorm” took place between late February 2024 and mid-March 2024. This timeline allowed the production team to capture the crisp winter and early spring landscapes of British Columbia, adding to the film’s atmospheric intensity.

Q: When Is the Release Date of “Danger in the Dorm”?
A: “Danger in the Dorm” was released on June 16, 2024.