Evil Season 4 Filming Locations

Evil Season 4 Filming Locations

“Evil” is a popular American supernatural drama TV series created by Robert and Michelle King. It started on September 26, 2019, on CBS but later moved to Paramount+ for its next seasons. The show stars Katja Herbers, Mike Colter, and Aasif Mandvi. They play three people from different backgrounds working together to investigate supernatural incidents for the Catholic Church.

Produced by CBS Studios and King Size Productions, “Evil” has been praised for its acting, characters, writing, direction, and cinematography. The show was filmed in Astoria, NY, and Brooklyn, NY. In May 2021, it moved to Paramount+, where the second season premiered on June 20, 2021. The third season came out on June 12, 2022, and soon after, the show was renewed for a fourth season. On February 15, 2024, it was announced that the fourth season would start on May 23, 2024. After this, a short, four-episode fifth and final season would air.

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Evil Season 4 (2024)

Where was “Evil Season 4” Filmed?

Paramount+ renewed “Evil” for a fourth season on July 5, 2022. Filming began in December 2022 but had to stop in May 2023 because of the Hollywood strikes. The tenth episode was being filmed when the strikes happened. Filming for this episode resumed in December.

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Evil Season 4 (2024)

Main Locations Used for Filming

Brooklyn Stages

Most of the scenes in “Evil” were filmed at Brooklyn Stages in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This place was used for many different locations in the show. For example, it served as the offices of the Catholic Church and the home of Kristen Bouchard. It was also used to show the monastery with the priest’s body that had not decayed.

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Evil Season 4 (2024)

Yonkers City Hall

Located in Yonkers, New York, Yonkers City Hall was used for the Queens Court House scene in the episode “The Angel of Death.” The outside walls were used to show the court’s exterior, and the inside was used for the courtroom scenes.

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Yonkers City Hall, Yonkers, Westchester, New York, USA
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Evil Season 4 (2024)
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Evil Season 4 (2024)
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Evil Season 4 (2024)
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Evil Season 4 (2024)

Faraway Farm Alpacas

This farm is in Accord, New York. It was the backdrop for a farm in the episode “The Miracle of Saint Teresa.” The team goes to this farm to investigate a miracle involving a young girl who might have been cured of cancer.

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Faraway Farm Alpacas


Astoria is in Queens, New York. This neighborhood is shown as Kristen Bouchard’s home. Many episodes use this area for establishing shots before starting the scene.

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Astoria, Queens
Evil Season 4 Filming Locations 11
2234 21st Street, Astoria, New York, USA used as the Bouchard home

Argyle Road and Ditmas Avenue

Located in Midwood, Brooklyn, this place was used for the main characters’ home. It provided both exterior and interior shots. The area had a warm, homely feel, making it perfect for street shots and establishing shots.

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Argyle Road and Ditmas Avenue

The Personal Struggles of the Characters

Throughout the series, the team investigates various supernatural cases, including demonic possessions, miracles, and hauntings. They use their scientific knowledge and logical explanations to solve these cases.

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Evil Season 4 (2024)

The characters also have their own personal struggles. Kristen doubts her faith in God and questions the nature of good and evil. David is unsure about becoming a priest. Ben is haunted by past trauma. The plot often shifts between scientific facts and religious beliefs, making the series intriguing and complex.

“Evil” Season 4 takes viewers to many interesting locations, mostly in New York. Whether it’s the urban settings of Brooklyn and Astoria or the rustic charm of Accord, each location adds to the supernatural mystery and drama of the series. Fans can look forward to more thrilling adventures as the characters continue their investigations in these diverse and atmospheric settings.

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Evil Season 4 (2024)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Evil Season 4

Q: Where Was “Evil” Season 4 Filmed?
A: “Evil” Season 4 was primarily filmed in various locations in New York, including Brooklyn and Astoria. Key filming sites included Brooklyn Stages in Greenpoint for interior scenes like the offices of the Catholic Church and Kristen Bouchard’s home. Additional locations included Yonkers City Hall, Faraway Farm Alpacas in Accord, Argyle Road, and Ditmas Avenue in Midwood, Brooklyn.

Q: When Did Filming for “Evil” Season 4 Start?
A: Filming for “Evil” Season 4 began in December 2022. However, it faced an unexpected halt in May 2023 due to the Hollywood strikes, which paused production on the tenth episode. Filming resumed later in December 2023.

Q: When Is the Release Date for “Evil” Season 4?
A: “Evil” Season 4 is scheduled to premiere on May 23, 2024. Following this season, a shortened fifth and final season, consisting of four episodes, is set to premiere the week after the end of Season 4.

Q: What Notable Locations Were Used for Filming in “Evil” Season 4?
A: Several notable locations were used for filming in “Evil” Season 4. These include Brooklyn Stages for most of the interior scenes, Yonkers City Hall for courtroom scenes in the episode “The Angel of Death,” and Faraway Farm Alpacas for farm scenes in “The Miracle of Saint Teresa.” Additionally, Astoria in Queens was used for establishing shots of Kristen Bouchard’s home.

Q: How Did the 2023 Hollywood Strikes Affect Filming of “Evil” Season 4?
A: The 2023 Hollywood strikes affected the filming of “Evil” Season 4 by causing a temporary halt in production in May 2023. At the time, the crew was filming the tenth episode of the season. Production resumed in December 2023, allowing the team to continue and complete the season.