Fallout Filming Locations

Fallout Filming Locations

Fallout is an American post-apocalyptic drama TV series on Amazon Prime Video, created by Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet. Based on the popular video game series created by Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, it stars Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Kyle MacLachlan, Moisés Arias, Xelia Mendes-Jones, and Walton Goggins.

Amazon got the rights to make a live-action series in 2020, and it was announced in July of that year. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s Kilter Films, along with Bethesda Game Studios, are producing it. Jonathan Nolan directed the first three episodes. Todd Howard, a producer from Bethesda Game Studios who worked on various Fallout games, also joined as an executive producer with Nolan and Joy. Wagner and Robertson-Dworet became showrunners in January 2022, with Goggins and Purnell joining the cast in February and March.

In May 2024, the series was renewed for a second season.

The story is set in a future post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, where people live in underground bunkers to stay safe from radiation, mutants, and bandits.

Fallout Filming Locations 1
Ella Purnell in Fallout (2024)

Where was “Fallout Season 1” Filmed?

Fallout was filmed in different places including New Jersey, New York, and Utah in the USA. However, the scenes showing the wasteland of Shady Sands were shot outside the US. Let’s take a look at where the filming took place.

Pine Barrens Automotive Graveyard, New Jersey

One of the filming spots is the Pine Barrens automotive graveyard in New Jersey. Although not open to the public, it was used to create Filly, where Lucy first meets Maximus, The Ghoul, and Dr. Wilzig.

Fallout Filming Locations 2
Pine Barrens Automotive Graveyard, New Jersey

ShopRite, Staten Island

Scenes where Lucy is left behind by The Ghoul and meets Snip Snip at the Super Duper Mart were actually filmed at an old ShopRite grocery store in Staten Island. The store has now closed.

Fallout Filming Locations 3
ShopRite, Staten Island

On Set Locations

Some scenes, like the ones showing Moldaver’s HQ, were filmed on set rather than at the actual Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. This makes sense given the dilapidated state of the building in the series.

Fallout Filming Locations 4
Kyle MacLachlan and Ella Purnell in Fallout (2024)

Kolmanskop, Namibia

The eerie wasteland of Shady Sands was filmed in Kolmanskop, a ghost town in Namibia. This town lies on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast and is known for its old and recent shipwrecks because of the rough waters of the South Atlantic.

Fallout Filming Locations 5
Kolmanskop, Namibia

Kolmanskop was a rich mining town in the early 20th century but declined quickly when diamond deposits ran out and new ones were found 270 km away. By 1956, it was abandoned. Today, the desert has preserved the remaining buildings, making it perfect for Fallout’s post-apocalyptic scenes.

Fallout Filming Locations 6
Aaron Moten in Fallout (2024)
Fallout Filming Locations 7
Fallout (2024)

Red Rocket Truck Stop, Nyack, New York

In Episode 7, “The Radio,” the Red Rocket truck stop is a key location. Fans of the game might remember meeting Dogmeat, a cute but dangerous dog, at a Red Rocket gas station. For the series, this was filmed at a real gas station in Nyack, a small town in Rockland County, New York. The station was turned into a Red Rocket for filming.

Fallout Filming Locations 8
Fallout (2024)
Fallout Filming Locations 9
Ella Purnell in Fallout (2024)

The Brotherhood of Steel: Wendover Air Force Base, Utah

The Brotherhood of Steel, a military group searching for pre-war technology, mostly stay at their base for training and living. These scenes were filmed at the Wendover Air Force Base in Utah. This base has a long history, going back to World War II when it was used for training bomber crews. Now, it’s the Historic Wendover Airfield Museum.

Fallout Filming Locations 10
Wendover Air Force Base, Utah

Fallout takes viewers on a thrilling journey through a post-apocalyptic world, and its diverse filming locations add to the immersive experience. From the abandoned ghost town of Kolmanskop in Namibia to the Pine Barrens in New Jersey, the series uses real-world locations to bring the game’s desolate, yet intriguing, world to life. As you watch the series, you can appreciate how these unique places contribute to the atmospheric and captivating setting of Fallout.

Fallout Filming Locations 11
Walton Goggins in Fallout (2024)
Fallout Filming Locations 12
Jonathan Nolan and Graham Wagner in Fallout (2024)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Fallout Season 1

Q: Where Was “Fallout” Season 1 Filmed?
A: Fallout Season 1 was filmed in a variety of locales in the United States and Namibia. Filming locations included the Pine Barrens Automotive Graveyard in New Jersey for scenes set in Filly.
ShopRite on Staten Island, New York, which served as the Super Duper Mart.
Kolmanskop, a ghost town on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, served as the eerie wasteland for Shady Sands.
Nyack, New York where a gas station was converted into the Red Rocket truck stop.
Wendover Air Force Base in Utah was used for sequences featuring The Brotherhood of Steel.

Q: When Was “Fallout” Season 1 Filmed?
A: Filming for “Fallout Season 1” began on July 5, 2022, in New Jersey, New York and Utah until March 24, 2023.

Q: When Was “Fallout” Season 1 Released?
A: Fallout Season 1 premiered on April 10, 2024, on Amazon Prime Video. The show received positive feedback for its engaging adaptation of the video game series and its impressive visual and production design.

Q: Which Locations Were Used for the Post-Apocalyptic Scenes?
A: The haunting and desolate scenes of Shady Sands were filmed in Kolmanskop, Namibia. This ghost town, with its sand-filled, abandoned structures, perfectly captured the post-apocalyptic vibe required for the series, making it an ideal stand-in for the in-game location.

Q: What Are Some Key Filming Locations in the United States?
A: Several key locations in the United States were used for filming: Pine Barrens Automotive Graveyard, New Jersey,  ShopRite, Staten Island, New York,  Nyack, New York, and Wendover Air Force Base, Utah.