Hulu's Clipped Filming Locations

Hulu’s Clipped Filming Locations

‘Hulu’s ‘Clipped’ is a sports drama series that dives deep into the turbulent world of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. The story unfolds as the team, under the guidance of Coach Doc Rivers, strives to win a championship amidst the disruptive and often scandalous behavior of their owner, Donald Sterling. Sterling, who is known for his bigoted views, constantly creates problems for the players and the coach, making their journey even more challenging. The show is based on the popular ESPN podcast ‘The Sterling Affairs’ by Ramona Shelburne and has been brought to life by creator Gina Welch. ‘Clipped’ not only provides an exciting sports narrative but also explores complex themes of wealth, fame, privilege, and race.

Main Filming Locations

The primary filming location for ‘Clipped’ is the Greater Los Angeles area in California. The series was shot on location as well as in studios around Los Angeles and Santa Clarita. Principal photography began in late 2022 and wrapped up the first six episodes by early 2023. Initially, the series was tentatively titled ‘The Sterling Affairs’ and was greenlit by FX in April 2022. Despite some delays, the team successfully brought the series to life, thanks to their collaborative spirit.

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Laurence Fishburne, Ed O’Neill, and Jacki Weaver in Clipped (2024)

Filming in Greater Los Angeles, California

Greater Los Angeles is known for its high concentration of movie studios and filming lots, making it a hub for the entertainment industry. It also provides the perfect backdrop for ‘Clipped,’ as the real-life events that inspired the show took place in this area. One of the key locations featured in the series is the Staples Center, now known as Arena, located at 1111 South Figueroa Street in downtown Los Angeles.

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Mid Scene Photo

Santa Clarita Studios

In addition to on-location shooting, the production team of ‘Clipped’ used studio facilities in Santa Clarita to create many of the show’s backdrops. Santa Clarita Studios, located at 25135 Anza Drive, has a rich history and offers a variety of filming options. Established in the 1980s, the studio has grown significantly and now features 35 sound stages of different sizes, a large Downtown LA backlot, and fully furnished production office spaces. Some notable productions filmed at SC-Studios include ‘LA’s Finest,’ ‘Dollface,’ ‘Mighty Ducks: Game Changers,’ ‘Goliath,’ and ‘Promised Land.’

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Santa Clarita Studios, Los Angeles, California
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Final Shoot Day

Scenic Surroundings of Santa Clarita

One of the most appealing aspects of filming at Santa Clarita Studios is its scenic setting. The Santa Clarita Valley has a wide variety of scenery, including rolling hills, steep canyons, and stunning vistas. These natural locations make perfect backdrops for a variety of film and television projects. In fact, approximately half of all approved location filming in Greater Los Angeles occurs in the Santa Clarita Valley. This is due in part to the film incentive legislation passed in 2009, which resulted in the region having the lowest permit costs in Southern California.

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Clipped (2024)

Behind The Scenes Experience

The cast and crew of ‘Clipped’ had a memorable and joyful time working on the program. Actor Kelly AuCoin shared his pleasure at being a part of the production, calling it one of the most pleasant and collaborative experiences he’s ever had. He applauded Gina Welch, the director, for generating a cheerful tone on set and fostering an enjoyable work atmosphere. Welch, in turn, was pleased with the performers’ performances, notably Coleman’s as V. Stiviano. Welch compared Stiviano’s character to an Edith Wharton heroine, emphasizing both her materialistic and ambitious disposition, as well as her compassion and good-heartedness.

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Exploring Complex Characters

Gina Welch was particularly drawn to the character of V. Stiviano, who is portrayed by Coleman. She found Stiviano to be a fascinating blend of vanity, ambition, and compassion. Welch appreciated how Coleman brought depth to the character, making her both calculating and naive. This duality reflects the real-life Stiviano, who benefited from Sterling’s attention but also showed kindness by adopting two young boys. Welch wanted to ensure that viewers could empathize with Stiviano despite her flaws, and Coleman’s performance succeeded in achieving this balance.

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Official Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Clipped

Q: Where was ‘Clipped’ filmed?
A: ‘Clipped’ was filmed primarily in Greater Los Angeles, California. The production team utilized various locations in Los Angeles and Santa Clarita to recreate the environments associated with the Los Angeles Clippers and their controversial owner, Donald Sterling. Notably, the basketball court scenes were filmed at the Staples Center (now known as Arena) in downtown Los Angeles, and several sets were constructed at Santa Clarita Studios.

Q: When did the filming of ‘Clipped’ take place?
A: Filming for ‘Clipped’ began in late 2022. Principal photography was carried out over a few months, with the team wrapping up the first six episodes by early 2023. The initial casting call projected a start date of June 6, 2022, but there were some delays, leading to another casting call in January 2023.

Q: Why was Greater Los Angeles selected as the filming site for ‘Clipped’?
A: Greater Los Angeles was chosen because of its iconic role as the core of the entertainment industry, as well as its different landscapes, which may be used in a variety of scenarios. The real-life events on which ‘Clipped’ is based took place in this area, giving it an appropriate setting. Furthermore, the region has significant studio facilities and filmmaking incentives, which are favorable to production.

Q: What is the release date of ‘Clipped’?
A: ‘Clipped’ was premiered on June 4, 2024 on Hulu.

Q: What notable locations were used in the filming of ‘Clipped’?
A: One of the most famous filming sites for ‘Clipped’ is the Staples Center ( Arena) in downtown Los Angeles, which houses the Los Angeles Clippers in the program. The theatrical scenes were also depicted at the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre in Downtown Marietta. Santa Clarita Studios also played an important role in the series by offering several sets and backdrops.