In a Violent Nature Filming Locations

In a Violent Nature Filming Locations

Chris Nash’s horror flick, “In a Violent Nature,” accomplishes something unusual. The movie tells a disturbing horror story through the eyes of its terrifying villain. This raw and frightening horror film stars Ry Barrett as the main. The story starts in the woods, where a group of young men come into a peculiar cabin. They discover and steal a haunting locket belonging to a buried, rotting body. This deed awakens Johnny, an undead demon filled with rage and a desire for vengeance.

Setting and Plot

Johnny, determined to kill everyone he meets, goes on a brutal killing rampage, targeting a group of camping teenagers. The film chronicles Johnny’s never-ending effort to reclaim his stolen necklace. The spooky locations add to the film’s scary aspect. Nash’s slasher approach pays homage to classic horror films such as “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “The Hills Have Eyes,” “The Blair Witch Project,” and the “Friday the 13th” series. The film uses wide vistas of bleak settings to make the surroundings as terrifying as the killer. Naturally, horror aficionados want to know where this movie was shot.

Filming Locations

“In a Violent Nature” was filmed in Ontario, Canada, during 2021, with additional reshoots the following year. The filmmakers used various natural locations across Northeastern and Southern Ontario. The cinematography features natural lighting and rugged color grading, enhancing the beautiful forest visuals. The film uses the locations’ natural sounds instead of traditional music, boosting the realism and fear factor. The use of practical effects and traditional weapons like hatchets and drag hooks adds brutal authenticity to the screen.

Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

Originally, “In a Violent Nature” was supposed to be filmed entirely in Ontario’s southern forests. Given the film’s limited budget, using accessible public venues was critical for avoiding extra costs and adding depth to the disturbing story. Kawartha Lakes, in southeastern Ontario, was originally picked as the principal location for Johnny’s murder spree. However, after some filming, Nash and his team thought that the location was not making the required impact. Nash told The Globe and Mail, “It just felt like it wasn’t hitting the right note for us.” Despite the fact that extensive material was captured, it is unlikely that any of it was used in the final cut, as work resumed the following year in a new location.

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kawartha lakes ontario

Algoma District, Ontario

After opting to relocate, the production facility was moved to the Algoma District, near Sault Ste. Marie in Northeastern Ontario. In August 2022, filming began in this region. The decision was influenced by the 1977 cult horror film “Rituals,” which was also shot on location. Algoma’s natural setting was important to retaining the film’s somber vibe. The horrible sequences with Johnny’s rotting carcass traveling through the woods gave the film a three-dimensional atmosphere. This site was most likely used to film significant scenes, such as the campfire sequence and lakeside moments.

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Algoma District, Ontario
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Importance of Natural Surroundings

Nash realized the importance of the surrounding natural environment and flora to the film’s success. To generate suspense, the director employed a slow-burn technique with long-take shots of characters running. Minimal art direction and carefully picked camera angles contributed to an immersive terror experience. The new sites in Algoma were so effective that the production team chose to start over, presumably skipping footage from Kawartha Lakes. Nash thanked his parents, cast, and crew on Instagram, detailing hardships such as a wasp assault that resulted in tetanus and coping with hazardous plants.

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Nash highlighted the significance of nature in the film, stating, “It was paramount for us that we feel like we’re in the woods at all points in time, and that we get this feeling that we are isolated in a very expansive area, where you almost feel the threat of being alone in the woods by itself, without a big, old monster man with an axe hunting you down.” The dense and broad landscapes of Algoma not only heighten the sensation of solitude, but also add to the film’s tension, making the surroundings feel like an accomplice to the villain’s actions. The film’s utilization of natural surroundings and practical effects delivers an authentic and frightening experience for horror aficionados.

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Chris Nash and Ry Barrett in In a Violent Nature (2024)
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Charlotte Creaghan, Alexander Oliver, Cameron Love, Liam Leone, and Andrea Pavlovic in In a Violent Nature (2024)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – In a Violent Nature

Q: Where Was “In a Violent Nature” Filmed?
a: “In a Violent Nature” was primarily filmed in the province of Ontario, Canada. Natural locations across both Northeastern and Southern Ontario were scouted for shooting, with scenes set in dense forests and haunting landscapes.

Q: When Was “In a Violent Nature” Filmed?
A: Filming for “In a Violent Nature” took place in the summer of 2021, with additional reshoots conducted in the following year. The production team capitalized on the natural light and rugged color grading of Ontario’s forests to enhance the film’s visual appeal.

Q: What Inspired the Filming Locations of “In a Violent Nature”?
A: The decision to film “In a Violent Nature” in Ontario was influenced by the province’s picturesque landscapes and rich cinematic history. Director Chris Nash drew inspiration from classic horror films and sought to capture the raw beauty of the Canadian wilderness in his own unique way.

Q: Why Did the Production Team Choose Ontario as the Filming Location?
A: Ontario’s diversified topography and accessible public areas make it a perfect backdrop for the film “In a Violent Nature.” From deep forests to lonely plains, the region provided a variety of natural settings that suited the film’s creepy ambiance and disturbing plot.

Q: When was “In a Violent Nature” released?
A: “In a Violent Nature” was released on May 31, 2024.