Lifetime’s The Girl Locked Upstairs: Filming Locations and Cast Information

Lifetime’s The Girl Locked Upstairs: Filming Locations and Cast Information

‘The Girl Locked Upstairs: The Tanya Kach Story’ is a compelling crime drama directed by Simone Stock. The film is based on a real and horrifying story, focusing on a teenage girl named Tanya Kach. At 14, Tanya starts attending Mulberry Middle School, where she faces constant bullying and a troubled home life. Feeling isolated and desperate for companionship, she befriends Tom Hose, the school’s security guard, who initially offers her comfort. However, Tom has sinister intentions and eventually lures Tanya to his home, where he keeps her captive and brainwashes her for over a decade. This Lifetime movie brings Tanya’s harrowing ordeal to the screen, from her days at school to her long captivity.

Filming Location Overview

‘The Girl Locked Upstairs’ was entirely filmed in British Columbia, Canada, with most of the production taking place in Vancouver. The production team chose this location for its versatility and ability to stand in for various settings, despite the real-life events happening in Pennsylvania. Filming started and concluded in a tightly scheduled timeframe, capturing the essence of Tanya’s story in a range of realistic and evocative backdrops. Actress Jordyn Ashley Olson, who plays Tanya, shared her appreciation for the filming process, describing it as one of the best experiences of her career.

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The Girl Locked Upstairs: The Tanya Kach Story (2024)

Why Vancouver Was Chosen?

Vancouver, known for its beautiful scenery and modern cityscape, served as the primary location for filming ‘The Girl Locked Upstairs.’ The city’s diverse architecture and urban environment made it an ideal stand-in for various settings in the movie. Vancouver’s ability to mimic different locales helped the filmmakers depict Mulberry Middle School and Tom’s house convincingly. This flexibility is one reason why Vancouver is a popular choice for many film and TV productions. The city offers everything from school buildings to residential neighborhoods and even urban backdrops that can replicate other cities.

Filming at Mulberry Middle School

To recreate the scenes at Mulberry Middle School, the production team likely used a real school or educational facility in Vancouver. Schools in the area provided the perfect setting to depict Tanya’s experiences, from the classrooms to the hallways where she faced bullying. Using actual schools added authenticity to the scenes and allowed the filmmakers to create a realistic portrayal of Tanya’s early struggles. The chosen locations helped convey the feeling of isolation and desperation Tanya experienced before she fell into Tom Hose’s manipulative trap.

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Vancouver, Canada

Depicting Tom’s House

Tom Hose’s house, where he held Tanya captive, was portrayed using real residential properties in Vancouver. The filmmakers needed a house that could represent both the interior and exterior of Tom’s residence, adding to the sense of confinement and control in the film. The houses selected for these scenes provided the necessary atmosphere to depict Tanya’s prolonged captivity and the emotional and psychological abuse she endured. The use of actual homes made these scenes more engaging and believable for the audience, immersing them in Tanya’s traumatic experience.

Vancouver’s Skyline in the Film

In addition to specific locations like schools and houses, the film also includes establishing shots of Vancouver’s skyline. These shots help set the scene and provide a broader context for the story. Viewers can spot famous landmarks such as Canada Place, the Harbour Centre, and the Lions Gate Bridge in the background. These iconic structures add to the visual appeal of the film and help ground the story in a recognizable and modern urban environment. The skyline shots serve as a reminder of the city’s presence throughout Tanya’s ordeal and offer a stark contrast to her isolated life in captivity.

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Vancouver, Canada

Why Vancouver Is Popular for Filmmaking?

Vancouver’s popularity as a filming location is not new. The city is known for its ability to stand in for a wide range of settings, from small towns to bustling cities. Filmmakers are drawn to Vancouver because of its beautiful landscapes, advanced production facilities, and experienced crew members. The city’s reputation as a “Hollywood North” is well-deserved, as it frequently hosts the production of various films and TV shows. Notable projects shot in Vancouver include ‘Bad Times at the El Royale,’ ‘The Crush,’ ‘Double Jeopardy,’ and ‘Prison Break.’ Vancouver’s adaptability and film-friendly environment make it a go-to destination for many directors and producers.

The Girl Locked Upstairs: The Tanya Kach Story Cast Information

In “The Girl Locked Upstairs: The Tanya Kach Story,” Jordyn Ashley Olson plays Tanya Kach. Jordyn, who first debuted on the scene in the early 2010s, now has a successful acting career that includes appearances in a variety of short films, movies, and television episodes. Her notable performances include “The Dating Journal,” “Consensus,” “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story,” “Season’s Greetings,” “Cop and a Half: New Recruit,” “Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle,” “Darrow & Darrow,” “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” and “The InBetween.”

In this Lifetime production, Robert Baker, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, plays Tom Hose. Throughout his successful career, Robert has made an everlasting impact with outstanding performances in films such as “Save Me,” “Virtually Heroes,” “July and Half of August,” “Drawn Into the Night,” “Valentine,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Jordana Summer also appears as Stephanie Darlet, rounding out the ensemble cast of this criminal drama.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – The Girl Locked Upstairs: The Tanya Kach Story

Q: Where Was “The Girl Locked Upstairs: The Tanya Kach Story” Filmed?
A: The movie was filmed primarily in British Columbia, Canada, with most scenes shot in Vancouver. Despite the real-life events occurring in Pennsylvania, the production team chose Vancouver for its versatility in representing various settings.

Q: What Is the Release Date for “The Girl Locked Upstairs: The Tanya Kach Story”?
A: “The Girl Locked Upstairs: The Tanya Kach Story” was released on June 8, 2024 on Lifetime.