Midas Filming Locations

Midas Filming Locations

“Midas” is a thrilling action-crime movie released in 2024, directed and written by TJ Noel-Sullivan. The film tells the story of a charming college dropout who tricks his way into a job at a huge insurance company. He and his two best friends plan to steal thousands of dollars but discover a darker scheme that tests their greed. The main cast includes Laquan Copeland, Preet Kaur, and Federico Parra.

Entertainment Squad’s dark comedy “Midas” was filmed in the USA, particularly in various locations around Connecticut. Filming took place in 2023. Let’s explore the places where “Midas” was filmed.

Midas Filming Locations Uncovered

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Midas (2024)

Hartford, Connecticut, USA

The city of Hartford, located in the New England region, is the main filming location for “Midas.” Hartford, the capital city of Connecticut, is known for its mix of urban areas and historical sites. The filmmakers chose Hartford for its diverse settings that perfectly match the film’s thrilling scenes.

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Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Why Hartford?

Hartford provides a blend of cityscapes and historical landmarks, making it an ideal location for shooting a modern action-crime thriller. The film captures the essence of Hartford, showing both its bustling streets and quiet corners. The city’s architecture and ambiance contribute significantly to the film’s tense and exciting atmosphere.

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Midas (2024)

Interesting Spots in Hartford

Mark Twain House & Museum: One of the key places in Hartford is the Mark Twain House & Museum. It’s a famous historical site where the writer Mark Twain once lived. While not directly used in the film, its presence highlights Hartford’s rich cultural background.

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Mark Twain House & Museum, Connecticut

Downtown Hartford: Several scenes were shot in Downtown Hartford, which showcases modern buildings and busy streets. These areas provide the perfect backdrop for the film’s action-packed sequences.

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Downtown Hartford
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Midas (2024)

Bushnell Park: Bushnell Park, known for its greenery and open spaces, was used for some of the film’s more relaxed and outdoor scenes. This park, with its calm environment, offers a contrast to the film’s intense moments.

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Bushnell Park, Connecticut
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Midas (2024)
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Midas (2024)
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Midas (2024)
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Midas (2024)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Midas

Q: Where was “Midas” filmed?
A: “Midas” was primarily filmed in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. The filmmakers chose Hartford for its diverse urban settings and historical landmarks that complement the film’s thrilling atmosphere. The city’s blend of modern architecture and scenic spots provided the perfect backdrop for the action-crime thriller.

Q: When was the filming of “Midas” completed?
A: The filming of “Midas” was completed in 2023. The production took place over several months, capturing various locations in Hartford, Connecticut, to create the film’s dynamic and exciting scenes.

Q: What are the main filming locations in “Midas”?
A: The main filming locations in “Midas” include Downtown Hartford for its bustling streets and urban vibe, Bushnell Park for its serene green spaces, and iconic spots like the exterior of the Mark Twain House & Museum. These locations were chosen to add depth and authenticity to the film’s storyline.

Q: When is the release date of “Midas”?
A: “Midas” was released on June 28, 2024.

Q: Why was Hartford, Connecticut chosen as the filming location for “Midas”?
A: Hartford, Connecticut, was chosen as the filming location for “Midas” due to its mix of modern cityscapes, historical landmarks, and accessible filming sites. The city provided a versatile environment that matched the film’s needs for both action-packed and quieter, suspenseful scenes, making it an ideal backdrop for the movie’s storyline.