My Two Husbands (2024) Filming Locations

My Two Husbands (2024) Filming Locations

Lifetime’s thriller movie, My Two Husbands, directed by Jeff Hare, takes viewers on a suspenseful ride. The story follows Brooke, a charming flight attendant, who is married to two men—her high school love Stefan and a rich older man named Dane. Brooke and Stefan have a secret plan to get money from Dane, but things get complicated when Dane’s daughter, Eliza, starts investigating. As Eliza gets closer to the truth, Brooke begins to doubt her plans. The movie shows the tension between the characters mostly in the houses of Stefan and Dane.

Filming Locations

The entire movie My Two Husbands was shot in Georgia, especially in Atlanta. Filming began in August 2023 and wrapped up in September 2023. Isabelle Almoyan, one of the actors, shared her excitement about being part of the movie on social media, saying, “That’s a wrap!! Still pinching myself, I got to be a part of this movie with such a wonderful cast and crew.”

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Kabby Borders in My Two Husbands (2024)

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta was the primary filming location for My Two Husbands. The production team shot scenes in several locations throughout the city. To add authenticity to the sequences, they shot them inside real residences. One of Atlanta’s mansions served as Dane’s luxury house. You may also observe the Atlanta skyline in certain views, which adds to the film’s charm.

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Bank of America Plaza, Atlanta, Georgia

Famous Landmarks in Atlanta

In the movie, several well-known places in Atlanta appear in the background. Some of these landmarks are:

Georgia State Capitol: The gold-domed structure that serves as the state’s administrative hub.
Bank of America Plaza: A tall building that contributes significantly to Atlanta’s skyline.
The World of Coca-Cola: A museum that depicts the history of Coca-Cola.
Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum: A museum that chronicles the American Civil War.
Equitable Building: A significant historical structure in Atlanta.

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Georgia State Capitol
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Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum

Many other films and television series have used these locations, including The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Nice Guys,  and Ozark.

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My Two Husbands (2024)

Cast Information

Kabby Borders plays Brooke, the lady who is in two marriages. Kabby is noted for her roles in Game Night, Love Is Blind, The Perfect Wedding Match, and others. Isabelle Almoyan plays Eliza, Dane’s daughter who is attempting to discover the truth. Isabelle has appeared in films including Nightmare Pageant Moms and The Christmas Pledge.

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Other actors in the movie includes Jon Briddell as Dane, Muretta Moss as Carly, Britton Webb as Stefan, Joanie Geiger as Maureen, Brad Worch II as Gus, Malena Cunningham Anderson as Jane, Rachael Murphy as Flo, and Katherine Wright as Mildred.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – My Two Husbands

Q: Where was “My Two Husbands” filmed?
A: The movie “My Two Husbands” was filmed entirely in Georgia, with the primary location being Atlanta. The city provided various backdrops, including real residential properties for interior scenes and notable landmarks for exterior shots.

Q: When did the filming of “My Two Husbands” take place?
A: Filming for “My Two Husbands” began in August 2023 and wrapped up by September 2023. The production team spent several weeks capturing different scenes across Atlanta during this period.

Q: What are the notable filming locations in Atlanta used in “My Two Husbands”?
A: “My Two Husbands” utilized various locations in Atlanta, such as real houses for residential scenes and notable landmarks like the Georgia State Capitol, Bank of America Plaza, the World of Coca-Cola, and the Equitable Building for establishing and aerial shots.

Q: When is the release date for “My Two Husbands”?
A: “My Two Husbands” was released on Lifetime on June 20, 2024.

Q: Which famous landmarks in Atlanta appear in “My Two Husbands”?
A: In “My Two Husbands”, several famous Atlanta landmarks are visible, including the Georgia State Capitol, Bank of America Plaza, the World of Coca-Cola, and the Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum. These locations help set the scene for various parts of the movie.