Netflix's Golden Kamuy Filming Locations

Netflix’s Golden Kamuy Filming Locations

Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the award-winning manga series “Golden Kamuy,” created by Satoru Noda, is an exciting Japanese action-adventure thriller film. Shigeaki Kubo directs the narrative, which takes place in Hokkaido, Japan, in the early twentieth century. The film depicts the story of a combat hero named Saichi Sugimoto, also known as Immortal Sugimoto. He wants to start a new life and earn money by hunting for gold in the area. During his journey, he learns about the tale of the stolen gold nuggets and Noppera-bo, who stole the gold from the indigenous Ainu people and concealed it by tattooing a map of its location on the bodies of 24 jail inmates.

The Story and the Characters

As Saichi hunts for the gold, he is threatened by a large wild bear but is saved by Asirpa, a young Ainu girl. Noppera-bo murdered Asirpa’s father, hence she and Saichi share a common adversary. They decide to collaborate, each with their own motivation—Asirpa seeks vengeance for her father’s death, while Saichi hopes to discover the buried wealth. Kento Yamazaki, Anna Yamada, Gordon Maeda, Asuka Kudo, Shuntaro Yanagi, Yuki Izumisawa, and Yuma Yamoto all give strong performances in the film. Their trek across Hokkaido is fraught with adventure as they hunt their common nemesis.

Where Was Golden Kamuy Filmed?

Golden Kamuy was fully filmed in Japan, with a strong emphasis on Hokkaido. The crew caught the sense of the story’s place by filming in northern Japan. The film’s principal photography took place in late 2022, throughout the winter. This enabled the actors and crew to use genuine snow-covered landscapes, giving a dimension of reality to the story.

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Hokkaido, Japan: Primary Filming Location

Hokkaido, located in the northern part of Japan, served as the main production location for Golden Kamuy. As the second-largest island of Japan, Hokkaido is known for its cold climate, with icy winters and cooler summers. The production team used this unique feature by filming many key scenes in the snowy landscapes of the island. This setting was crucial in making the early 20th-century story come to life.

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Modifying Locations for Historical Accuracy

Since Golden Kamuy is set in the early 20th century, the filmmakers had to modify certain locations to fit the period. They transformed some existing establishments and streets to reflect the look of that time. While many of the exterior shots were filmed on location in Hokkaido, it is likely that some parts of the film were shot on sound stages in studios to achieve specific visual effects and settings that were difficult to recreate outdoors.

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Hokkaido’s Cinematic History

Hokkaido has a rich history as a filming location for a variety of films and television shows. The island has hosted the production of various important films such as “Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah,” “Tokyo Drifter,” “Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion,” “Heaven and Earth,” “The Triple Cross,” and “Saishû heiki kanojo.” The region’s breathtaking and diverse terrain make it a favorite option for filmmakers seeking natural beauty and dramatic scenery.

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Golden Kamuy (2024)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Golden Kamuy

Q: Where was Netflix’s “Golden Kamuy” filmed?
A: Netflix’s “Golden Kamuy” was primarily filmed in Hokkaido, Japan. The production team chose this location for its authentic early 20th-century setting and its cold, snowy environment. Some scenes were also likely shot in sound stages at film studios.

Q: What makes Hokkaido a significant filming location for “Golden Kamuy”?
A: Hokkaido, located in northern Japan, is known for its cold climate with cool summers and freezing winters. This unique weather and landscape made it the perfect setting for the story of “Golden Kamuy,” adding a layer of authenticity to the film’s narrative with its real snow-filled locations.

Q: When was Netflix’s “Golden Kamuy” filmed?
A: Principal photography for Netflix’s “Golden Kamuy” took place in late 2022. The cast and crew filmed in the winter, capturing the island’s natural beauty and harsh winter conditions, which added to the film’s realistic portrayal of the era.

Q: How did the filmmakers ensure authenticity in the setting of “Golden Kamuy”?
A: To ensure authenticity, the production team filmed many exterior shots on location in Hokkaido, modifying some streets and buildings to look like they belonged to the early 20th century. They also incorporated real snow-filled sites, enhancing the film’s genuine feel.

Q: When is the release date for Netflix’s “Golden Kamuy”?
A: Netflix’s “Golden Kamuy” was relaesd on Netflix on May 19, 2024.