Netflix’s ‘Is it Cake?’ Season 3 Filming Locations

Season 3 of ‘Is It Cake?’ continues to feature delectable, hyper-realistic desserts that resemble ordinary items. Each week, three new judges must determine which items are genuine and which are cake. The show showcases a broad variety of participants vying for rewards totaling over $100,000. It all started as a viral online fad in 2018, when videos emerged of ordinary-looking items being split open to find cake within.

Return of ‘Is it Cake?’ with Season 3

Netflix’s ‘Is it Cake?’ returns for its third season, promising more larger cakes, more surprises, and a more amusing experience. As the program dazzles us with its incredible baking tasks and engaging locations, viewers may wonder where the magic happens.

Unveiling the Filming Locations

Most of the filming for ‘Is it Cake?’ took place in Los Angeles. Contestants rushed to social media to share their experiences, stating how kind their fellow bakers were and how much fun they had together baking magnificent cakes. Timmy Norman, one of the competing bakers, spoke on Instagram about the participants’ encouraging atmosphere despite the fierce competition.

Los Angeles, California: The Center of Filmmaking

The filming for ‘Is It Cake?’ takes place on a set in the busy city of Los Angeles. The studio has cutting-edge amenities, including a revolving platform that displays new sets for each episode. The dark and sparkly backdrops create a spectacular backdrop for the vivid cakes on stage, and production quality improves with each season.

Why Los Angeles?

Los Angeles was most likely picked as the filming site since it has a large number of high-quality studios with modern soundstages. Despite Netflix Studios’ global expansion, Los Angeles remains a production hub because to its strong infrastructure and great crew pool. Despite the addition of new studios in the region, old ones are in continual demand due to the city’s appeal among filmmakers. Alfred Street Industries, the production firm behind ‘Is it Cake?’ and Netflix have been filming the series in the same studio.

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Advantages of Filming on a Soundstage

A soundstage gives the production team with unparalleled creative freedom and flexibility. The large space enables for the creation of detailed sets specific to each tournament round and theme. This method is consistent with other cooking-themed reality programs that shoot in Los Angeles, such as ‘Bake Squad’ and ‘School of Chocolate.

‘Is it Cake?’ takes use of Los Angeles’ movie infrastructure by shooting on a soundstage and providing viewers with a visually gorgeous and immersive baking experience.

'Is it Cake?' Season 3 Filming Locations 2

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – ‘Is it Cake?’ Season 3

Q: Where Was Netflix’s ‘Is it Cake?’ Season 3 Filmed?
A: Season 3 of “Is it Cake?” was shot mostly in Los Angeles, California. The producers used the city’s solid filming infrastructure and modern soundstages to create the show’s fascinating baking challenges and vivid set designs.

Q: How Was ‘Is it Cake?’ Season 3 Filmed Amid Challenges?
A: Cast and crew of “Is It Cake?” Season 3 experienced a number of obstacles during filming, including logistical issues, set building, and adjusting to the demands of the baking competition style. Despite these hurdles, they worked relentlessly to provide an engaging and visually amazing performance.

Q: When Is the Release Date for ‘Is it Cake?’ Season 3?
A: “Is it Cake?” Season 3 is set to be released on March 29, 2024 on Netflix.