Netflix’s Tires Filming Locations

Netflix’s Tires Filming Locations

Netflix’s ‘Tires’ is a delightful workplace comedy series that revolves around Shane, a relaxed and easygoing employee at his cousin Will’s tire shop. Will, who is working hard to manage the shop his father left behind, is finding it increasingly difficult due to Shane and the other employees. These employees are frequently unmotivated and cause numerous disturbances. When the shop confronts the possibility of closure, Shane rises to the occasion. He motivates the employees and employs some unique marketing strategies to sell tires and preserve the shop.

About the Creators and Settings

Shane Gillis, Steven Gerben, and John McKeever co-created the show. The sitcom is set in Valley Forge and concentrates primarily around the Valley Forge Automotive Center and its unique workers. The shop’s simple interiors and the grungy, ordinary streets that surround it are presented to the audience. While watching these familiar landscapes, some viewers may question where the episode was filmed.

Tire filming locations

Despite being set in Valley Forge, ‘Tires’ was shot in West Chester, Pennsylvania. This village is located just northeast of Valley Forge and serves as the excellent setting for the series. Filming for the first season began in 2023. The show was apparently shot in a short amount of time, and the cast and crew appeared to enjoy working together. Jenny Jams, a cast member, shared her excitement by posting a photo on Instagram with the remark, “Not lying when I say these are absolutely some of the best people I’ve ever worked with.” Every day on the set never feels like work. We having a great time and can’t stop giggling. Forever grateful to this family.”

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West Chester, Pennsylvania

West Chester, Pennsylvania

The majority of the filming for ‘Tires’ happened in and around a single site in West Chester, which is a charming borough within the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The main location for the series is a real tire shop called Tires Etc, located at 640 East Gay Street. This automotive service center, specializing in tires and repairs, has been in business since 2014. The shop briefly paused its operations to allow the filming of the show on its premises. Situated within a quaint commercial district, the shop provided an ideal setting to represent the Valley Forge Automotive Center in the series.

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West Chester, Pennsylvania

Surrounding Locations in West Chester

When the protagonists appear outside the tire shop, the show depicts several businesses and monuments on Gay Street. These include Parkway, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Pete’s Express Car Wash. Additionally, when Shane is shown in the parking lot behind the shop, viewers can see the distinctive red-tiled roof of the TruMark Financial Credit Union, which is located at 700 East Market Street.

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Shane Gillis, a Pennsylvania native, was undoubtedly at ease choosing these spots in his home state. Furthermore, Gillis self-financed and produced the show prior to its acquisition by Netflix, which may have affected the filming locations.

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About West Chester

West Chester is well-known for West Chester University, a public institution that is central to the township’s community. The borough is surrounded by lush green spaces, parks, and trails, offering plenty of opportunities for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. The proximity of West Chester to major highways and transportation hubs has created a vibrant automotive service community. Many of these services are centered around the filming locations on Gay Street, making it a bustling area perfect for the series.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Tires

Q: Where was Netflix’s “Tires” filmed?
A: “Tires” was primarily filmed in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The main filming location was Tires Etc, a real tire shop located at 640 East Gay Street. The show also features various landmarks and businesses around Gay Street in West Chester.

Q: What specific locations were used for filming in West Chester?
A: In addition to Tires Etc, the show captures several surrounding businesses and landmarks in West Chester. These include Parkway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pete’s Express Car Wash, and the TruMark Financial Credit Union at 700 East Market Street.

Q: When was Netflix’s “Tires” filmed?
A: Filming for the first season of “Tires” began in 2023. The manufacturing took place during a relatively short amount of time in the summer of that year.

Q: Why was West Chester chosen as the filming location for “Tires”?
A: West Chester was chosen due to its charming commercial district and community atmosphere, which provided an ideal setting for the Valley Forge Automotive Center depicted in the show. Additionally, co-creator Shane Gillis is a Pennsylvania native and felt comfortable selecting locations in his home state.

Q: When is the release date for Netflix’s “Tires”?
A: “Tires” was released on May 23, 2024 on Netflix.