Operation Nutcracker Filming Locations

Operation Nutcracker Filming Locations

“Operation Nutcracker” is a 2024 romantic television movie directed by David Weaver and written by Katy Breier and Erica Deutschman. In this festive film, a priceless antique nutcracker, meant to be auctioned at the Warby family Christmas charity, goes missing after a suitcase mix-up. Now, it’s up to Lottie Morgan, a precise event planner, and Tristan, the free-spirited Warby heir, to find it, capturing the Christmas spirit along the way.

Starring Ashley Newbrough from “Love on the Right Course” and Christopher Russell from “The Secret Gifts of Christmas,” the film also features Darryl Hinds, Mia SwamiNathan, Lara Amersey, Ann Pirvu, and many others.

Hallmark’s new romantic movie “Operation Nutcracker” was filmed in Canada and nearby areas. The main filming took place in early 2024.

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Operation Nutcracker (2024)

Where was “Operation Nutcracker” Filmed?

Canada: The Main Filming Spot

Canada, the beautiful North American country, is where most of “Operation Nutcracker” was filmed. The filmmakers chose Ottawa’s streets to create the perfect backdrop for this holiday story.

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Operation Nutcracker (2024)

Canada is a popular choice for film shoots because it helps save money on production and offers great locations at a lower cost. The team shot almost all scenes in various parts of Canada, although exact details are not yet confirmed.

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Operation Nutcracker (2024)
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Operation Nutcracker (2024)

Behind the Scenes of “Operation Nutcracker”

To make your search for the filming locations of “Operation Nutcracker” more fun and exciting, here is a behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot:

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Operation Nutcracker (2024)

“Operation Nutcracker” will warm your heart with its romantic story and beautiful Christmas settings. The film showcases the charm of Canada, making it the perfect backdrop for a festive adventure. With its lovely locations and holiday spirit, “Operation Nutcracker” is set to capture your heart this Christmas season. Get ready to enjoy the magic of this new Hallmark movie, set against the scenic beauty of Canada.

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Operation Nutcracker (2024)
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Operation Nutcracker (2024)
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Operation Nutcracker (2024)
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Operation Nutcracker (2024)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Operation Nutcracker

Q: Where was “Operation Nutcracker” filmed?
A: “Operation Nutcracker” was primarily filmed in Canada. The filmmakers used the streets and locations of Ottawa to create the charming holiday backdrop for the movie.

Q: When was “Operation Nutcracker” filmed?
A: The principal photography for “Operation Nutcracker” took place in early 2024. This filming schedule ensured that the movie was completed in time for its Christmas release.

Q: When is the release date for “Operation Nutcracker”?
A: “Operation Nutcracker” was released on Hallmark Channel on July 1, 2024.

Q: Why was Canada chosen as the filming location for “Operation Nutcracker”?
A: Canada was chosen as the filming location for “Operation Nutcracker” because of its beautiful landscapes and cost-effective production facilities. The scenic streets of Ottawa provided an ideal setting for the holiday-themed story.

Q: Who are the main stars of “Operation Nutcracker”?
A: The main stars of “Operation Nutcracker” are Ashley Newbrough, known for her role in “Love on the Right Course,” and Christopher Russell, known for “The Secret Gifts of Christmas.” They are joined by Darryl Hinds, Mia SwamiNathan, Lara Amersey, and Ann Pirvu.