Owning Manhattan Filming Locations

Owning Manhattan Filming Locations

Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’ is a thrilling real estate docuseries about the SERHANT real estate agency and its owner, Ryan Serhant. The show focuses on how Ryan handles the ups and downs of both professional and personal relationships in his workplace. It gives us a close look at the challenging real estate market in New York City, showing Ryan’s efforts to make his agency the number one real estate firm in the city. His team of skilled agents and salespeople work hard to buy and sell properties all over New York.

The show also highlights the personal lives and interactions of the employees at SERHANT, adding more drama. Viewers get to see how these agents use creative methods like hosting parties, staging interiors, and using social media to sell high-priced properties.

Where was “Owning Manhattan” Filmed?

As the title implies, ‘Owning Manhattan’ is filmed in New York, primarily in and around New York City. This reality series was created over a two-year period, beginning in 2022 and running through 2023. The stunning skyline of New York City is frequently seen in the background, making the program both dramatic and visually appealing.

New York City, New York

The majority of the significant scenes in ‘Owning Manhattan’ are shot in New York City. This city, located on the southern tip of New York State, serves as the series’ principal setting. Ryan Serhant’s real estate office is located at 372 West Broadway, New York City. This office appears frequently in the series, both from the outside and inside.

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Owning Manhattan (2024)

Central Park Tower, the tallest residential skyscraper at 217 West 57th Street, plays an important role in the series. Ryan tries to sell its $250 million penthouse in the first season. Another prominent home featured in the show is Jardim at 527 West 27th Street, where the renowned artist Bad Bunny rented a penthouse.

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Owning Manhattan (2024)
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Owning Manhattan (2024)

The Plaza Hotel, located at 768 5th Avenue, also serves as a filming location for exterior and interior sequences. Other notable buildings featured in the series are Brooklyn Point at 1 City Point and The Huron at 29 Huron Street, both in Brooklyn, and the New York Edge building at 30 Hudson Yards. Ryan Serhant even filmed a video from the top of the Empire State Building on 20 West 34th Street.

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Owning Manhattan (2024)
Owning Manhattan Filming Locations 5
Owning Manhattan (2024)
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Owning Manhattan (2024)

Famous Streets and Neighborhoods

During filming, the crew used numerous streets in New York City. They filmed sequences on Greenwich Street, Greene Street, North Fourth Street, Broome Street, Wooster Street, Park Avenue South, Stuyvesant Avenue, and 11th Avenue. The SERHANT agents were also spotted filming in popular areas such as the Meatpacking District, Greenwich Village, West Village, and Tribeca. Viewers can see notable sights such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Flatiron Building, the World Trade Center, and One Vanderbilt.

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Owning Manhattan (2024)
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Owning Manhattan (2024)
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Owning Manhattan (2024)

‘Owning Manhattan’ takes viewers on a journey through the heart of the New York City real estate scene. It captures the essence of New York City with its breathtaking cityscapes and dramatic plot lines. From the busy streets to the towering buildings, the show depicts the vivid activity and fierce competitiveness of New York’s real estate market.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Owning Manhattan

Q: Where was ‘Owning Manhattan’ filmed?
A: ‘Owning Manhattan’ was primarily filmed in New York City, New York. Key locations include the SERHANT real estate office at 372 West Broadway, the Central Park Tower at 217 West 57th Street, and The Plaza Hotel at 768 5th Avenue. The series also features scenes shot at various iconic buildings and neighborhoods around the city, including Brooklyn Point, The Huron, and Empire State Building.

Q: When was the filming of ‘Owning Manhattan’ conducted?
A: Filming for ‘Owning Manhattan’ started in 2022 and continued into 2023. The production spanned over two years to capture the dynamic real estate activities and the dramatic interactions at the SERHANT agency.

Q: What are some key filming locations featured in ‘Owning Manhattan’?
A: The series highlights prominent locations in New York City, including the SERHANT real estate office at 372 West Broadway. Central Park Tower, 217 West 57th Street, Jardim, 527 West 27th St, and The Plaza Hotel is located at 768 5th Avenue. Other locales include Brooklyn Point, The Huron, and well-known streets and districts like as Greenwich Village and Tribeca.

Q: When is the release date for ‘Owning Manhattan’?
A: ‘Owning Manhattan’was released on Netflix on June 28, 2024.