Patrick Melrose Filming Locations

Patrick Melrose Filming Locations

“Patrick Melrose” is a drama that chronicles the tumultuous life of its titular character, Patrick Melrose. From enduring childhood abuse to battling addiction and striving for redemption, Patrick’s journey is a rollercoaster of emotions. Born into privilege in a wealthy family estate in France, Patrick’s upbringing is marred by the traumatic abuse inflicted by his father. As he grows up, he struggles with addiction, particularly during his time in New York, before returning to London to confront his demons and rebuild his life.

A Glimpse into the Series

Based on the autobiographical novels by Edward St. Aubyn, “Patrick Melrose” offers a raw and poignant portrayal of one man’s quest for self-discovery and healing. Despite its heavy themes, the series is infused with sharp wit and humor, thanks in part to Benedict Cumberbatch’s stellar performance in the lead role. Set against the backdrop of various time periods and locations, the show transports viewers to different corners of the world, immersing them in Patrick’s complex and compelling story.

Unveiling the Filming Locations

Filming for “Patrick Melrose” took place in a number of cities throughout England, Scotland, and France. The first season’s principal photography began in August 2017 and was completed in January 2018. Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Patrick Melrose, was completely committed to the job, adding depth and dimension to the character. Jennifer Jason Leigh, his co-star, commended his performance for its wit and intellect.

Patrick Melrose Filming Locations 1
Film Set of Patrick Melrose (2018)

London, England

Much of the series was filmed in the vibrant city of London and its surrounding areas. The production team collaborated with FilmFixer, a filming locations company, to secure various sites for filming. Notable locations include Peckham Liberal Club, which doubled as Pembridge Church Hall, and a private home in Camberwell Grove, used to depict Melrose’s London residence. Freemasons Hall in Wild Court provided the backdrop for a scene featuring a phone box.

Patrick Melrose Filming Locations 2
Benedict Cumberbatch in Patrick Melrose (2018)

Provence, France

The picturesque region of Provence in southeastern France served as the backdrop for Patrick’s childhood scenes. Locations such as Chateau Unang and the Sainte-Foy Chapel added authenticity to the portrayal of Patrick’s upbringing. The historical town of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue provided the setting for poignant moments between Patrick and his mother.

Patrick Melrose Filming Locations 3
Jennifer Jason Leigh and Benedict Cumberbatch in Patrick Melrose (2018)
Patrick Melrose Filming Locations 4
Anna Madeley and Benedict Cumberbatch in Patrick Melrose (2018)

Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow’s Victorian architecture and grid-style layout made it an ideal stand-in for 1980s New York City in the series. Various streets and buildings in Glasgow were used to recreate iconic New York landmarks, including the Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society building and Hogarth Park. The production team meticulously transformed Moncur Street, Kent Street, and Suffolk Street to simulate the bustling backdrop of a New York meat market.

Patrick Melrose Filming Locations 5

In summary, “Patrick Melrose” takes viewers on a captivating journey through different locations and time periods, offering a glimpse into the complex life of its titular character. From the grandeur of French estates to the bustling streets of New York City, each filming location adds depth and authenticity to the series. With its compelling storytelling and stellar performances, “Patrick Melrose” stands as a poignant exploration of trauma, addiction, and ultimately, redemption.

Patrick Melrose Filming Locations 6
Prasanna Puwanarajah in Patrick Melrose (2018)
Patrick Melrose Filming Locations 7
Benedict Cumberbatch and Jessica Raine in Patrick Melrose (2018)
Patrick Melrose Filming Locations 8
Benedict Cumberbatch in Patrick Melrose (2018)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Patrick Melrose

Q: Where was “Patrick Melrose” filmed?
A: “Patrick Melrose” was filmed in various locations across London, England; Glasgow, Scotland; and Vaucluse, France. These locations were chosen to authentically depict the different stages of Patrick Melrose’s life and journey.

Q: When was “Patrick Melrose” filmed?
A: Principal photography for “Patrick Melrose” began in August 2017 and concluded in January 2018 for the first season. The filming spanned over several months to capture the intricate details of Patrick’s story and the diverse settings in which it unfolds.

Q: What are some filming locations in London, England?
A: In London, filming took place at the Peckham Liberal Club, which functioned as Pembridge Church Hall, and a private apartment in Camberwell Grove, which served as Melrose’s London home. Freemasons Hall in Wild Court served as the setting for several scenes, including a phone box sequence.

Q: Where did filming take place in Provence, France?
A: The lovely region of Provence in southeastern France served as the setting for Patrick’s boyhood episodes. Patrick’s upbringing was authenticated at Chateau Unang and the Sainte-Foy Chapel, among other locales.

Q: When was “Patrick Melrose” released?
A: “Patrick Melrose” premiered on television on May 12, 2018.