Queenie Filming Locations

Queenie Filming Locations

The Hulu comedy series ‘Queenie’ is based on the book of the same name by Candice Carty-Williams. The show provides an honest and relatable depiction of Queenie’s daily life in London. As viewers follow her story, they are treated to a mix of gritty urban landscapes and stylish city neighborhoods, sparking curiosity about the actual filming locations used in the series.

‘Queenie’ is a compelling story about a 25-year-old Jamaican British lady named Queenie. Queenie, who lives in South London, faces the hardships of growing up in two different cultures and failing to fit in with either. After a terrible separation with her long-term lover, Tom, Queenie sets off on a voyage of self-discovery. This trip includes crazy flings, reflection, and a discovery of her gender. Along the way, she receives criticism from her orthodox Jamaican relatives, who struggle to comprehend her experiences. Queenie discovers that in order to rebuild her future, she must confront her past and rely on the help of her friends.

Where Was ‘Queenie’ Filmed?

True to its plot, ‘Queenie’ was mostly shot in South London, England. Shooting for the program began in late April 2023 and was completed by early June 2023. Despite the tight schedule and long hours, the cast and crew kept a positive attitude, frequently participating in lighthearted moments behind the scenes. Cobbie Yates, a costume designer, said on Instagram that the project required a lot of hard work and late hours, but it was a fantastic learning opportunity.

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South London: Heart of the Series

South London, located south of the River Thames, serves as the principal setting for ‘Queenie.’ This location is suitable for the show because of its diversified population and unique neighborhoods, which include several immigrant populations. Brixton is one of the show’s most famous locations, recognized for its strong Afro-Caribbean influence, busy markets, vibrant cafes, and thriving music scene. Other neighborhoods, such as Peckham and Camberwell, which are known for their creative activities, are also part of South London, albeit they are not as extensively covered in the series.

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Dionne Brown at an event for Queenie (2024)

Notable Filming Locations in South London

The series features various well-known sights and locales in South London. Lambeth Town Hall stands out for its clock tower and Edwardian Baroque style. The Lambeth London Borough Council is housed in this Grade II-listed structure at the bustling crossroads of Brixton Hill and Acre Lane.

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Lambeth Town Hall, South London

Another notable location is the Mursell Estate on Lansdowne Way. This expansive housing complex features prominently in a scene where Queenie visits her friend’s house. The estate is characterized by its Brutalist architecture, green shuttered windows, and verdant parks. It is a popular filming location, offering its empty apartments and public spaces to film crews.

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Brixton Village: A Cultural Hub

Brixton Village, London’s most diverse market, is another key location in the series. This bustling area is home to a variety of independent shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants, offering a rich tapestry of global cuisines, fashion, and artisanal crafts. Established in the 1870s, the market has a long history, having been damaged during World War II and subsequently revived over the years. Today, it hosts regular events, live music performances, and cultural celebrations, making it a vibrant and dynamic part of South London.

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Brixton Village, South London
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Brixton’s Significance in ‘Queenie’

The focus on Brixton in ‘Queenie’ is significant because the neighborhood has a strong Jamaican community, which aligns with the show’s central theme of a Jamaican British family. Brixton is also known for its vibrant nightlife and music scene, elements of which are woven into the episodes. The area has a rich musical history, being the birthplace of legendary musician David Bowie and home to the iconic Brixton Academy, which has hosted numerous famous performances.

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In recent years, Brixton has undergone significant regeneration and gentrification, attracting young professionals and artists. This has brought both positive changes and concerns about affordability and displacement of long-standing residents and businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Queenie

Q: Where was ‘Queenie’ filmed?
A: ‘Queenie’ was primarily filmed in South London, England. The show captures the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods of South London, including Brixton, known for its Afro-Caribbean influence and lively markets.

Q: What specific locations were used in the filming of ‘Queenie’?
A: Several specific locations in South London were used, including the Lambeth Town Hall and the Mursell Estate on Lansdowne Way. Brixton Village, a bustling market hub, is also featured prominently in the series.

Q: When was ‘Queenie’ filmed?
A: Filming for ‘Queenie’ began in late April 2023 and concluded in early June 2023. Despite the limited timeframe, the actors and crew worked hard to bring the series to life.

Q: What is the release date of ‘Queenie’?
A: ‘Queenie’ was released on Hulu on June 7, 2024.

Q: Why was South London chosen as the filming location for ‘Queenie’?
A: South London was chosen for its varied population and bustling areas, which perfectly complement the show’s storyline. The area’s rich cultural past and diverse populations provide as a genuine setting for Queenie’s narrative.