The Bad Orphan Filming Locations and Cast Information

The Bad Orphan Filming Locations and Cast Information

Lifetime’s film ‘The Bad Orphan’ is about Jessica and Karl, a loving marriage with a daughter named Rhiannon. Their calm life changes when they adopt Gabby, an 8-year-old orphan. Gabby, who has specific needs and personal issues, causes trouble for the family. As Gabby’s true personality emerges, Jessica and Karl realize their house has become a hazardous place.

Directed by Michelle Ouellet, this psychological drama is full of suspense. The film mostly takes place in Jessica and Karl’s home and the school Gabby attends. This makes viewers curious about the actual filming locations.

Where Was ‘The Bad Orphan’ Filmed?

Calgary, Alberta

The entire film was shot in Calgary, a city in Alberta, Canada. Filming began in March 2024 and continued for several weeks until April 2024. Calgary, known as Stampede City, provided a perfect backdrop for this thriller.

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The Bad Orphan (2024)

Calgary’s Streets and Neighborhoods

In Calgary, the production team used various streets and neighborhoods to create the scenes for the movie. They turned different parts of the city into film sets, making them look just right for the story. Chloe Chapman, who plays Gabby, shared her experience of acting in Calgary. She had to manage her schoolwork on set, with the help of a tutor. Chloe said, “I had a routine quickly, so the change was not too bad. But it was strange being far from home for a long time.”

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The Bad Orphan (2024)

Filming Indoors in Calgary

Some indoor scenes of the movie were likely filmed in sound stages at local film studios in Calgary. This allowed the crew to control the environment and create the perfect atmosphere for intense scenes.

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The Bad Orphan (2024)

Cast Information

Chloe Chapman found acting in ‘The Bad Orphan’ challenging because it was her first major role. She mentioned, “I had an acting coach on set who helped me get into the darker places needed for some scenes. It was really hard because Gabby is not a character with many happy moments.” Her co-stars praised her for her dedication and performance despite her inexperience.

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The Bad Orphan (2024)

Betsy Brandt, who plays Jessica, is well-known for her work on the Emmy-winning television series Breaking Bad. She has also appeared in numerous other shows and films, including ‘The Michael J. Fox Show,’ ‘Life in Pieces,’ and ‘Saint X.’ Her experience added substance to her role in ‘The Bad Orphan.’

Chloe Chapman plays Gabby in the movie. Though new to acting, she used her skills as a director to bring Gabby’s character to life. Her portrayal of Gabby shows her commitment and talent, making her stand out in the film.

Mark Taylor plays Karl, and Eve Edwards portrays Rhiannon. Other talented actors include Linda Kee, Ivan Cermak, Samantha Grant, Brian Martell, Cliff Liknes, Ben Wong, and Bernadette Janssen. Each actor adds to the depth and intensity of the story.

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The Bad Orphan (2024)

‘The Bad Orphan’ takes viewers on a thrilling journey through the streets and neighborhoods of Calgary. With a gripping storyline and realistic settings, the film brings suspense and drama to life. The dedication of the cast and crew shines through, making ‘The Bad Orphan’ a must-watch for fans of psychological thrillers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – The Bad Orphan

Q: Where was ‘The Bad Orphan’ filmed?
A: ‘The Bad Orphan’ was entirely filmed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The production team used various streets, neighborhoods, and local film studios in Calgary to create the film’s realistic and chilling atmosphere.

Q: When did the filming of ‘The Bad Orphan’ take place?
A: Principal photography for ‘The Bad Orphan’ started in March 2024 and wrapped up in April 2024. The filming schedule was relatively short, lasting for several weeks.

Q: Why was Calgary chosen as the filming location for ‘The Bad Orphan’?
A: Calgary was selected due to its versatile urban and suburban settings, which provided an ideal backdrop for the film’s storyline. The city’s diverse landscapes and film-friendly environment made it a suitable choice for the production.

Q: How did the cast manage filming in Calgary, especially with the short schedule?
A: The cast, including Chloe Chapman, managed filming in Calgary by maintaining a strict routine. Chloe, for example, balanced her schoolwork with her acting duties on set, thanks to the support of a tutor and the production team’s efficient scheduling.

Q: When is the release date for ‘The Bad Orphan’?
A: ‘The Bad Orphan’ was released on Lifetime on June 22, 2024.