The Bikeriders Filming Locations

The Bikeriders Filming Locations

“The Bikeriders” is a 2024 crime-drama film directed and written by Jeff Nichols, is based on Danny Lyon’s 1967 photo book about the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. This action film, set in the 1960s, tells the story of the Vandals Motorcycle Club. What starts as a group of rebellious bikers transforms into a gang involved in crime, changing their lives forever.

Starring Jodie Comer as Kathy, Austin Butler as Benny, Tom Hardy as Johnny, Michael Shannon as Zipco, Norman Reedus as Funny Sonny, and Mike Faist as Lyon, the film brings the intense life of a motorcycle club to the screen with vivid visuals. Viewers are naturally curious about where these scenes were shot.

Filming Locations: Bringing the 1960s to Life

The film, set in Chicago, was actually shot across various locations in the Midwest, mainly in Ohio and Kentucky. Filming began in October 2022 and finished in December 2022. The production used real locations and constructed sets to recreate historical settings. Ohio’s attractive tax credit for filmmakers and its fitting urban landscapes made it a perfect choice.

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Austin Butler in The Bikeriders (Photo by Kyle Kaplan)

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, a major economic and cultural hub, played a crucial role in filming “The Bikeriders.” The city offered many real locations to recreate the 1960s feel:

Northside Yacht Club: This venue at 4231 Spring Grove Avenue was used for several scenes.

The Bikeriders Filming Locations 2
Northside Yacht Club

New Richmond Farm: An abandoned farm in New Richmond served as the backdrop for outdoor scenes, including a big biker rally.

The Bikeriders Filming Locations 3
New Richmond Farm

Freeman Avenue, Price Hill: A partially renovated house with a worn-down interior was perfect for the film’s gritty aesthetic.
Junker’s Tavern: This real biker bar at 4156 Langland Street was used for filming, adding authenticity to the movie.

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Junker’s Tavern, real biker bar at 4156 Langland Street

Director Jeff Nichols praised Cincinnati’s architecture and friendly community, noting how well the city suited the film’s needs. Film Cincinnati, a local non-profit, played a key role in organizing the logistics.

Hamilton County, Ohio

In Hamilton County, filming took place in several areas:

Cleves, Miami Township: The Edgewater Motor Sports Park, located at 4819 East Miami River Road, offered a realistic environment with its racing circuits.

The Bikeriders Filming Locations 5
Edgewater Motor Sports Park

The Village Inn, Cleves: In October, filming took place at the restaurant at 447 North 2nd Street.
Becket Paper Plant on Dayton Street: A big municipal parking lot near this plant was used, with security guarding the perimeter.
Mill Street, Lockland: The suburban environment was perfect for conveying the film’s vibe.
Jolly’s Drive-In, 165 North Brookwood Avenue: This legendary establishment, known for its root beer floats, was chosen over Flub’s Ice Cream for a Damon Herriman scenario.

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Austin Butler in The Bikeriders (Photo by 20th Century Studios)

Middletown, Ohio

In Middletown, filming included:

Lakeside Inn: This location was used for key scenes, including a bar fight and fire.

The Bikeriders Filming Locations 7
Lakeside Inn, Middletown, Ohio

Tytus Avenue: Bike chase sequences were shot here, with parts of the neighborhood closed off for filming.

Kenton County, Kentucky

Filming expanded to Kenton County, Kentucky:

Ludlow: Several sequences were shot in this town.
Pepper Pod Restaurant, 703 Monmouth Street, Newport: The storefront was remodeled to reflect the 1960s theme.

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Pepper Pod Restaurant, 703 Monmouth Street, Newport

Mainstrasse Village: A fake stage and concert were set up in an empty plot to add to the historical atmosphere.

The Bikeriders Filming Locations 9

Taylor Southgate Bridge and Purple People Bridge, Newport: Both bridges feature in the film.

The Bikeriders Filming Locations 10
Taylor Southgate Bridge and Purple People Bridge, Newport

Tom Hardy and Austin Butler were frequently seen at local establishments such as Walt’s Hitching Post in Fort Wright. Tom Hardy also exercised at a local martial arts studio while filming, demonstrating his commitment to both acting and fitness.

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The Bikeriders Filming Locations 12

“The Bikeriders” vividly depicts the world of 1960s biker gangs using authentic filming locations in Ohio and Kentucky. From urban surroundings to renowned sites, the video depicts the gritty essence of motorcycle culture as well as the Vandals Motorcycle Club’s evolution. Each place was carefully picked to reflect the time period and the intensity of the plot, giving the Midwest an appropriate setting for this riveting drama.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – The Bikeriders

Q: Where was “The Bikeriders” filmed?
A: “The Bikeriders” was mainly filmed in the Midwest, specifically in Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio, and Kenton County, Kentucky. Key locations include the Northside Yacht Club and Junker’s Tavern in Cincinnati, the Edgewater Motor Sports Park in Cleves, and the Lakeside Inn in Middletown. These places helped recreate the 1960s atmosphere needed for the film.

Q: When was “The Bikeriders” filmed?
A: “The Bikeriders” was filmed from October 2022 to December 2022. The filming took about two months, during which the crew captured various scenes across different locations to bring the story of the Vandals Motorcycle Club to life.

Q: Why were these locations chosen for filming “The Bikeriders”?
A: The filming locations were chosen to reflect the 1960s setting and the rugged lifestyle of motorcycle gangs. Cincinnati and the surrounding areas in Ohio provided the right urban and historical backdrop. Additionally, the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit, offering financial incentives, made these locations ideal for the production.

Q: When is the release date of “The Bikeriders”?
A: “The Bikeriders” released on theaters on June 21, 2024.

Q: Who are the main actors in The Bikeriders?
A: The Bikeriders features a notable cast, including Jodie Comer as Kathy, Austin Butler as Benny, Tom Hardy as Johnny, Michael Shannon as Zipco, Norman Reedus as Funny Sonny, and Mike Faist as Lyon. Their performances are expected to vividly depict the intense and dramatic evolution of the Vandals Motorcycle Club.