The Dirty D Filming Locations

The Dirty D Filming Locations

“The Dirty D” is an intense drama series that revolves around the gritty, tumultuous lives of individuals connected to the eponymous nightclub set in the heart of Detroit. Created by Lisa Brown, the show provides an unfiltered glimpse into the complex and often troubled lives of the club’s staff, police officers, and shady owners. Through its raw storytelling and intricate character portrayals, “The Dirty D” vividly captures the essence of Detroit’s underground scene.

Where Was “The Dirty D” Filmed?

“The Dirty D” was filmed entirely on location in Detroit, Michigan, utilizing real businesses and the city’s unique urban landscape to create an authentic backdrop. Principal photography for the third season began in Fall 2023 and concluded by April 2024. Filming in Detroit lends a genuine, gritty texture to the series that reflects the harsh realities depicted in the storyline.

Why Was Detroit Chosen as the Filming Location?

Detroit was selected as the filming location to ground the series in a setting that mirrors its raw and unpolished narrative. Known as the Motor City, Detroit provides a perfect blend of industrial grit and urban resilience, making it an ideal backdrop for the show. The city’s historical and modern structures, vibrant local businesses, and distinct neighborhoods enhance the visual storytelling of “The Dirty D,” allowing viewers to experience the duality of life within the nightclub and beyond.

What Are the Key Filming Sites in Detroit?

Several key locations in Detroit play a pivotal role in bringing “The Dirty D” to life:

Unorthodox Business Club: The central location for “The Dirty D” is the Unorthodox Business Club, located at 18718 Woodward Avenue. This real-life venue serves as the primary set for the fictional nightclub. The club, which opened in 2021, has been an integral part of the show since its first season.

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Unorthodox Business Club, 18718 Woodward Avenue

The Meeting Space: Another frequently used location is The Meeting Space at 21657 Melrose Avenue, Building T, Southfield. This versatile event venue offers banquet halls, catering services, and studio space. In “The Dirty D,” it is used to film interior shots representing different parts of the nightclub.

How Does Detroit’s Landscape Contribute to the Show’s Atmosphere?

Detroit’s landscape significantly enhances the atmosphere of “The Dirty D.” The city’s industrial zones, with their abandoned factories and warehouses, contrast sharply with thriving local businesses and community hubs. This juxtaposition reflects the complex lives of the characters, blending the nightclub’s underworld dealings with the everyday hustle of Detroit’s residents. The production team’s decision to film on location in Detroit captures the city’s raw and unfiltered essence, allowing the series to portray a realistic depiction of urban life.

What Is the Impact of Filming on Location in Detroit?

Filming on location in Detroit not only adds authenticity to “The Dirty D” but also supports the local economy and fosters a connection with the community. By using real neighborhoods and businesses, the series contributes to the local economy and brings a sense of realism to the storytelling. The interaction between the cast, crew, and local residents strengthens the bond between the production and the community, infusing the show with genuine local flavor.

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The Dirty D

How Does “The Dirty D” Compare to Other Productions Filmed in Detroit?

Detroit’s unique urban character has made it a sought-after location for filmmakers seeking authenticity and grit. “The Dirty D” stands alongside other notable productions filmed in the city, such as “Barbarian,” “Beverly Hills Cop,” “It Follows,” “8 Mile,” “Presumed Innocent,” and “Don’t Breathe.” Like these films, “The Dirty D” leverages Detroit’s distinctive architecture and cultural backdrop to create a visually compelling narrative that resonates with viewers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Geek Girl

Q: Where Was “The Dirty D” Filmed?
A: “The Dirty D” was filmed entirely in Detroit, Michigan. The series uses real businesses and urban landscapes of Detroit to capture the gritty and authentic backdrop of the story. Key locations include the Unorthodox Business Club at 18718 Woodward Avenue, which serves as the primary set for the nightclub, and The Meeting Space at 21657 Melrose Avenue, Building T, Southfield, used for interior shots.

Q: Why Did the Production Team Choose Detroit as the Filming Location?
A: Detroit was chosen for its authentic urban environment that perfectly matches the gritty tone of “The Dirty D.” The city’s mix of abandoned factories, historic buildings, and thriving local businesses reflects the duality and complexity of the series’ characters and settings. Detroit’s unique atmosphere adds depth and realism to the show’s portrayal of the nightclub and its underworld dealings.

Q: When Did Filming for “The Dirty D” Begin?
A: Filming for the third season of “The Dirty D” began in the Fall of 2023. The production team started capturing scenes in and around Detroit, utilizing various real-world locations to bring authenticity to the series.

Q: How Long Did the Filming of “The Dirty D” Last?
A: The filming of the third season of “The Dirty D” wrapped up by April 2024. The production spanned several months, allowing the team to capture the diverse landscapes and settings within Detroit that contribute to the show’s realistic portrayal of the city’s nightlife and urban environment.

Q: When Is the Release Date for the Latest Season of “The Dirty D”?
A: “The Dirty D” was released on May 3, 2022.