The Great American Recipe Filming Locations

The Great American Recipe Filming Locations

“The Great American Recipe” has quickly become a popular reality show on PBS. This cooking competition, in which brilliant home cooks from across the United States present their signature recipes, has grabbed viewers’ hearts since its inception in 2022. What distinguishes this show is not only the tasty meals, but also the personal stories that accompany them. Alejandra Ramos hosts the show, which was created by Michael Beilinson, Sarah Glaser, and Kristin Wendell. Judges Tiffany Derry, Graham Elliot, Leah Cohen, Tim Hollingsworth, and Francis Lam all give their experience.

The various filming locations on “The Great American Recipe” are one of the show’s attractions. Unlike many reality shows, it does not film in a single studio but rather travels throughout the gorgeous and diverse United States. Here’s a deeper look at the stunning and intriguing locations where the episode was filmed.

Ruther Glen, Virginia: Seasons 1 and 2

The lovely community of Ruther Glen in Caroline County, Virginia, served as the setting for the first two seasons of “The Great American Recipe.” Filming took place at Mattaponi Springs Golf Club, which is located at 22490 Penola Road. The show began filming here in September 2021. This picturesque venue, with its tranquil and spacious grounds, provided the contestants with a comfortable and rural backdrop. The enormous estate functioned as the communal kitchen, where they prepared their meals, blending the tranquility of rural Virginia with the practical requirements of a cooking competition.

Why Ruther Glen?

Ruther Glen was chosen because of its scenic splendor and the friendly atmosphere of the golf club. Joe Cacciotti did the location scouting, and he has a knack for discovering ideal filming locations in the Greater Richmond Region. The gorgeous golf course backdrop provided the show a casual, domestic atmosphere, making it appropriate for the first two seasons.

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The Great American Recipe

The Woodlands, Texas: Season 2 finale

The second season’s grand finale took place in The Woodlands, Texas. The final episode was filmed at Dosey Doe The Big Barn, which is at 25911 Interstate 45 in the Greater Houston area. This rustic, 19th-century barn, which has been converted into a music venue, added a distinct and vintage feel to the show’s location. The comfortable and old barn was a welcome diversion, giving a Texan touch to the competition.

Why the Woodlands?

With its rustic appeal and historical ambiance, the Woodlands offered a unique perspective. The barn’s comfortable and historic atmosphere complemented the show’s theme of celebrating American traditions. It was also the first time this historic location has been utilized in a big production, adding to its uniqueness.

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Nashville, Tennessee: season 3

For the third season, the show moved to Nashville, Tennessee. The Green Door Gourmet, a 350-acre farm located at 7007 River Road Pike, was chosen as the primary filming location. This farm, known for its vast and vibrant agricultural fields, offers not only an on-farm market but also serves as an agritourism destination. Previously featured in the popular drama series “Nashville” as a wedding rehearsal venue, the farm provided an inspiring and picturesque setting for the cooking competition.

Why Nashville?

Nashville’s Green Door Gourmet was selected for its beautiful and extensive agricultural fields, which align perfectly with the show’s theme of celebrating American culinary traditions. The farm’s picturesque scenery and its role as an agritourism destination made it an ideal choice for the third season, adding a fresh and inspiring backdrop to the show.

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Nashville, Tennessee

“The Great American Recipe” stands out not only for its delicious dishes and heartwarming stories but also for its diverse and scenic filming locations. From the serene golf club in Virginia to the historic barn in Texas and the vibrant farm in Tennessee, each location adds its own unique flavor to the show. These beautiful and carefully chosen places help bring the contestants’ culinary creations to life, making “The Great American Recipe” a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – The Great American Recipe

Q: Where was “The Great American Recipe” filmed?
A: “The Great American Recipe” was filmed across various scenic locations in the United States. The first two seasons were shot in Ruther Glen, Virginia, at the Mattaponi Springs Golf Club. The finale of Season 2 took place at Dosey Doe The Big Barn in The Woodlands, Texas. For Season 3, the filming moved to Green Door Gourmet, a picturesque 350-acre farm in Nashville, Tennessee. These diverse locations were carefully chosen to reflect the regional backgrounds of the contestants and add a unique charm to the show.

Q: When was “The Great American Recipe” filmed?
A: Filming for “The Great American Recipe” began in September 2021 with the first two seasons being shot at the Mattaponi Springs Golf Club in Ruther Glen, Virginia. The finale of the second season was filmed later at Dosey Doe The Big Barn in The Woodlands, Texas. The third season’s filming took place at Green Door Gourmet in Nashville, Tennessee, in early 2023. The staggered filming timeline allowed the production team to capture the diverse settings and seasonal changes across the various locations.

Q: What is the release date of “The Great American Recipe”?
A: “The Great American Recipe” premieres Mondays, June 17 through August 12, 2024, 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET on PBS, PBS.

Q: Why did “The Great American Recipe” choose these specific filming locations?
A: The filming settings for “The Great American Recipe” were designed to highlight the candidates’ regional diversity while also providing a picturesque backdrop for their culinary creations. Ruther Glen, Virginia, provided a tranquil and wide location at the Mattaponi Springs Golf Club, which was suitable for the first seasons. The Woodlands, Texas, provided a rural and historic setting for the Season 2 finale, Dosey Doe The Big Barn. Green Door Gourmet in Nashville, Tennessee, was chosen for Season 3 because of its dynamic agricultural landscape and fit with the show’s focus of showcasing American culinary heritage.