Unfrosted Filming Locations

Unfrosted Filming Locations

Netflix’s Unfrosted marks the directorial debut of comedian-actor Jerry Seinfeld. It’s a comedy-drama that blends biographical elements with fiction, chronicling the invention of pop-tarts in 1964 by Kellanova (formerly Kellogg’s). Set in Michigan in 1963, the film stars Seinfeld, Peter Dinklage, Hugh Grant, Melissa McCarthy, Rachael Harris, and James Marsden. The story revolves around the creation of pop-tarts in response to a rival company’s breakfast pastry, creating a captivating narrative against the backdrop of two iconic skyscrapers.

Netflix’s Unfrosted Filming in California

While the film’s story is set in Michigan, Unfrosted was filmed in California after securing a substantial tax credit. Principal photography took place from May 25 to July 1, 2022, allowing the production team to utilize diverse locations across the Golden State. California’s picturesque landscapes, including its beaches and urban settings, provided the perfect backdrop for bringing Unfrosted to life.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles was the main place where Unfrosted was filmed. Its busy streets and famous sites perfectly captured the feel of city life in the 1960s. The production team carefully recreated the mood of the time period, using visual effects to make the scene seem more real. While shooting, Jerry Seinfeld told stories from the set that showed how fun it was to be there.

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Jerry Seinfeld and Melissa McCarthy in Unfrosted (2024)

Irvine, California

Additionally, Unfrosted filmed scenes at the University of California, Irvine, using the campus as a backdrop for key moments in the story. Locations like the University Of California Administration Building, known as Aldrich Hall, doubled as the headquarters of Kellanova. The campus’s nostalgic charm added depth to the film’s narrative, reflecting the story’s exploration of the past.

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Unfrosted (2024)

Los Angeles Film Industry

Los Angeles has a long history of making movies. It is known as the entertainment city of the world. The city has been the setting for famous movies like Mulholland Drive, Sunset Boulevard, and La La Land, which shows how important it is to the movie business.

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Christian Slater and Jerry Seinfeld in Unfrosted (2024)
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Jerry Seinfeld, Cedric The Entertainer, and Jim Gaffigan in Unfrosted (2024)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Unfrosted

Q: Where Was “Unfrosted” Filmed?
A: “Unfrosted” was primarily filmed in California, with locations including Los Angeles and Irvine. To bring the story to life, the production team used different places across the state.

Q: When Was “Unfrosted” Filmed?
A: Principal photography for “Unfrosted” took place from May 25 to July 1, 2022. During this period, the cast and crew worked diligently to capture the essence of the story and its characters.

Q: Was “Unfrosted” Filmed in Michigan, Where the Story is Set?
A: Despite the story being set in Michigan, “Unfrosted” was filmed in California. The decision to film in California was likely influenced by the state’s tax credit incentives and the availability of diverse filming locations.

Q: When is the Release Date for “Unfrosted”?
A: “Unfrosted” is set to be released on May 3, 2024.